My first pair of adidas football boots were called “Paul Breitner” and cost the unbelievable sum of 5 Deutschmarks. It makes it sound as if I grew up in the 1950s, but I got this bargain just after the UEFA EURO 1988. I wanted to be like my idols on the national team – Matthäus, Brehme, Klinsmann – and joined a football club. Nothing came of my big plans to be a professional footballer, but my love of football remained. As a sports journalist, I also got to know about football in a professional capacity and since spring 2013, when I started work as a PR Manager for adidas and later as the City Manager for Berlin, I have had the privilege of working with the big football clubs and their stars. Being so close to the best strikers in the country is a childhood dream come true at last, but I still haven’t met Paul Breitner.

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