My name is Robert Bouvier Murray and I am fifty- three years of age. My wife, Michelle of twenty-six years and I have three daughters, Chimelle, Payje and Mia, two grandsons, Josiah and Kolton. I played football at the University of Texas at El Paso, and I am the founder and president of Student Athlete Transition Symposium, or STATS. STATS is a program that I began a few years ago that consists of ex-student athletes who mentor and talk to present student athletes about their transition from high school to college and beyond with the hope that it will be a successful one through enlightening them with our very own life stories as student athletes in high school and college. I have a God given mandate and a passion to see student athletes succeed in the classroom and in their competitive sport. I published a book entitled, A Letter to My Younger Self which entails a collection of letters from ex- student athletes giving advice to their younger selves about making the transition from high school to college.

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