My professional career in the sport of sailing goes back 30 years and has taken me to heights that I never could have imagined. I’ve competed in the America’s Cup twice and coached or consulted three further America’s Cup Challenges. I have raced around the world three times in the highest rated sporting challenges including the Volvo Ocean Race (most professional fully crewed around the world race in stages), The Jules Verne Record (unlimited outright non-stop speed record) and the Vendee Globe (solo non-stop and unassisted). Throughout my career, I have won over fifty top tiered international professional events and titles and held over 15 World Sailing Speed records including a Guinness World Record for the fastest, first and still the only person to windsurf 230km across the notorious Bass Strait non-stop and unassisted in a time of 22hours and 11minutes. I now reside in Sri Lanka and manage my two main companies remotely in between epic surf sessions, travels abroad for sailing projects or to support various CEOs with whom I work on elite personal and company performance processes.

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