One of the best things about people is how unique and special each one of us is. From our upbringing and education to our dreams and aspirations, everyone’s life journey is mesmerizingly different. And although some paths might be challenging and filled with setbacks, it is important to stay true to oneself and follow your passion. Only by chasing your goals will you ultimately find your purpose in life.

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing fitness trainer Francheska Martinez, whose hard work and unwavering dedication have been defining factors in her career path so far. Although struggling to find a suitable area of work at first, her love for sports ultimately helped her find her true calling. As we sit down for our interview, Francheska opens up about her exciting fitness journey so far and shares the importance of staying true to oneself.

Francheska can’t stop smiling as she discusses her career journey so far.

An active childhood

Francheska’s story begins in sunny Miami, Florida where she grew up to the sounds of retro pop music and the waves crashing against Miami Beach. Energetic and curious, she never shied away from learning new things and expanding her world view and nothing brought her more pleasure than playing in the sea.

“Growing up in Miami, I spent the majority of my time at the beach. It was my absolute favorite thing to do. I love being near water and is something that brings me a lot of joy and positive energy. My passion for the sea also serves as inspiration for most of my travels. Another activity I enjoyed in my childhood was rollerblading. During the late 90s, rollerblading culture took over Miami.”

Up to the age of 17, Francheska never perceived exercise as a tool to be healthy – she just did it for the fun. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine her working in any other industry than the fitness one, but when she was younger, Francheska had other professional aspirations. “When I was in kindergarten, I was really drawn to the arts. My teacher told me that I would be a great artist if I go to a fine arts school and focus on my craft. In the end, it didn’t work out, but despite not making it as an artist, I still have an artistic side to me that enjoys visiting museums and exhibitions.

As I got a bit older, I developed an interest in the sciences. I learned that I have a profound curiosity for the human body, but I still couldn’t quite figure out what I want to do with my life. Should I become an archeologist or perhaps a forensic mortician? I honestly had no idea, and it wasn’t until I went to college that I discovered fitness as a potential career choice.”

Woman performance a hand stand in from of wall art.
Mastering the art of movement has been one of Francheska’s life goals.
Woman climbing colorful climbing wall-
Francheska is not afraid to try out new things as she explored the World of Sports.
Woman star jumpy on yellow trampoline at the adidas HQ
Filled with positive energy and enthusiasm, Francheska brings a sense of joy everywhere she goes.
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An unexpected journey

Francheska’s love for movement and sports led her to follow an Exercise and Sports Science course at university. She was completely enthralled by her newly found passion and spent most of her time learning about the functionality of the human body.

Her future looked set, but her career took an unexpected turn. “My first job out of college was at a law firm. It was completely unrelated to any of my prior experiences and looking back at it, I think it was too out of my comfort zone. I was great at my job, but I started leading a very sedentary lifestyle which was extremely demotivating for me. I felt weak and unsatisfied so I decided that I will quit at the one-year mark.

“I remember reading a book about behavioral archetypes and discovering that I am a ‘teacher.’ I suddenly realized that I have always been at my happiest when I was helping people and sharing values with them. This was my eureka moment. All of a sudden I had a concrete goal in mind, and I was determined to achieve it. Shortly after quitting the law firm, I moved back to Miami, earned my personal training certification, and opened a business Instagram account. Before I knew it, I was open for business and started training my very first clients – a friend’s mom and my aunt.”

Perfecting her craft

Within a short period of time, Francheska propelled herself to the heights of the fitness industry while amassing hundreds of thousands of followers across her social media channels. Unfazed by her newly found fame, she continues to perfect her craft by working alongside other coaches and welcoming play into her sessions.

Woman flexing her muscles at the gym
Strength training always comes first for Francheska.
“Movement is for everybody.”
Francheska Martinez, Fitness Trainer

Her fascination with movement and helping others achieve their goals has led her to implement innovative exercises and training activities into her training sessions. “I love to balance strength and mobility in my workouts. Strength training always comes first as it is key for longevity, but mobility is also crucial for the rotation and flexion of our body parts. I also try to keep things fun by experimenting with new techniques such as animal flow, Indian clubs, and rope flow.”

“It might all sound a little intimidating for some, but I truly believe that movement is for everybody. It is not just for twenty-year-old enthusiasts, but rather for anyone who wants to be healthy and fit. One of my best clients is fifty-five and she does all the movements that I do. Regardless of your age, it is crucial to be consistent, do exercises that you enjoy and never forget the “why” behind your fitness motivation.”

Spreading positivity

Francheska is very vocal about the importance of fitness inclusivity and nurturing a “can-do” mentality. She works with people of diverse ages, backgrounds and experiences and is adamant that anyone can get in shape if they have the right mindset.

For many who are at the beginning of their fitness journey, it might all be a bit overwhelming at first, but Francheska shares that it is all about starting with the basics. “Beginners should start with some daily walking. We often underestimate the power of this simple activity, but walking reinforces the mindset that we are moving to be more in tune with our bodies, our mindset, and be healthier in general.

Fitness trainer sits on the gym floor explaining some of the session with a dumbbell next to her.
Intrinsic motivation has been at the center of Francheska’s fitness career.
Fitness trainer Francheska Martinez shows a class a gym exercise.
Aside from strength exercises, Francheska also utilizes flexion and rotation based drills.
Fitness trainer show casing drill on all fours.
Francheska incorporates elements of play to keep her workouts fun and engaging.
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Whether it’s for five minutes or an hour, developing a habit with something as small as a walk can help us establish a steady training regimen. For those who would like to take their training a step further, I suggest you start with exercises you enjoy. You can do planks, dead-lifts or even some upper-body exercises as long as you are having fun. And remember, strength training always comes first!”

With the interview approaching its end, Francheska wholeheartedly shares her excitement about her new partnership with adidas. “I think this is going to be a beautiful partnership and we have a lot in common.” Afterward, she reminisces about her great experiences here at the World of Sports, as she gets ready to be reunited with the beach on her vacation in Palma de Mallorca.


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