Running shoe with shoe sketches in a collage with skyscraper buildings in a city, sustainability, futurecraftloop, buildings, highrise, tennis court, city, circularity

The adidas Sustainability Story – Leading the Change

Find out how the adidas sustainability approach will steer efforts to transform both our industry and our planet.

Running shoe with shoe sketches in a collage with skyscraper buildings in a city, sustainability, futurecraftloop, buildings, highrise, tennis court, city, circularity
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The adidas Sustainability Series

Being in the business of sport for over 70 years has taught adidas many valuable lessons; lessons on winning, losing and adapting to our athletes’ needs, but most importantly we’ve learned to support all our athletes when the odds might be stacked against them.

The current state of the world might initially cause a lot of us to feel defeated and question the impact we can have. Climate change, pollution, plastic waste, water contamination, you name it, it’s happening to our planet.

But our mindset of providing support when an athlete is down and finding new ways to win together is what is driving us as a company to be a better corporate citizen.

Collage of people picking up plastic pollution by the ocean next to a seaside city, volunteer, cleaning, trash, rubbish, plastic, waste, ocean, bottles, adidas, GamePlan A
Recognizing that we are part of the world’s environmental problems makes us more determined to lead sustainability solutions in our industry.

We recognize that we are all part of the problem but that doesn’t stop us leading the solution, instead it makes us even more creative, innovative and determined.

“At adidas we don’t only want to change how we do business, but how our industry does business.”
Martin Shankland, Executive Board Member responsible for Global Operations at adidas

adidas sustainability: changing our industry

For over 20 years, adidas has been a change leader in sustainability. We were the first to bring eco-innovations to the mass market, and we led the industry with the first sustainability report. We’re also a founding member of game-changing initiatives like Better Cotton, Leather Working Group, and Fair Labor Association.

Sustainability is one of the greatest expressions of our purpose, “Through sport, we have the power to change lives.” Because if we don’t protect the ground we’re on, we soon won’t have a space to play sport.

Collage of teams playing sports and huddling in sports spaces, pool, field, team, sports, ocean, Maldives, Parley, adidas, sustainability, GamePlan A
adidas’ purpose that through sport, we have the power to change lives can only come to life if we protect the environment that we use to play on.
“We do have power in our industry beyond the amount of products we’re producing.”
Erika Benz, Senior Manager Materials Footwear, Environmental Sustainability at adidas

While we raised the bar on environmental standards at our own sites, in our supply chain and for our products, the change is bigger than us. Sustainability is no longer a niche for specialized brands. It’s becoming an expected standard for how every company approaches its business. As a big company, we make a big impact in any action we take. This is why we speak up, not only to help our consumers understand why they should care, but our industry as well.

“The reason why I’m at adidas is that as a big company, we do have power in our industry beyond the amount of products we’re producing. We have a big voice, we sit on the right committees, we’re actively involved with them which gives us a better chance to shift the industry,” explains Erika Benz, Senior Manager Materials Footwear, Environmental Sustainability at adidas.

adidas sustainability: raising our voice

Athletes are surrounded by challenging and inspiring support teams, driving them to perform at their best and enabling others to do the same. We cannot raise our voice alone. Conscious collaborations are a must.

Change is a team sport and we’re teaming up with others outside and across our own company’s different functions, brands, and markets to change the way we approach sustainable solutions. Some of our most impactful initiatives have come from partnerships with the likes of the Parley network and Fashion for Good innovation platform, while others like the adidas FUTURECRAFT.LOOP and the Stan Smith Mylo are born from the materials challenges we set ourselves.

Collage of sustainability footwear created by adidas, trainers, shoes, sneakers, sustainability, ecofriendly, sports, performance, futurecraftloop, adidas, GamePlan A
As a leader in sustainability, we want to change our industry with meaningful innovations and collaborations that produce products like the adidas FUTURECRAFT.LOOP and the Stan Smith Mylo.

Making quality products is just as important as waste reduction, upholding decent labor, and health and safety standards, refining production methods, innovating recycled materials and activating communities to raise awareness of plastic waste. It’s about the whole sustainable picture, not only what you see on the shelves.

adidas sustainability goes beyond the shelves

Sustainability is a uniquely holistic initiative for adidas, from our entire supply chain network, to the offices and stores we work in, to the innovative products we create for our customers.

Our foundations are strong, with clear processes in place to support our drive to become a circular company, not only in terms of what we produce, but how we produce and how we take back. This means all areas of the business are activated throughout the entire supply chain. It’s something that uniquely takes a team effort.

“Everyone approaches sustainability differently. What we tend to do is look into the details, make sure that we do things the right way and incorporate sustainability into everything we do. I’m looking forward to the time when sustainability is going to be the basic consumer ask,” continues Erika Benz.

Collage of adidas materials used within the Three Loop Strategy, materials, innovation, plastic, circularity, sustainability, adidas, GamePlan A
To make adidas a truly circular business it comes down to the details, not only what you see on the shelves.

Ultimately, the details may not be obvious in the end product, but leading sustainability isn’t only about crossing the finish line. It’s about all the unseen hours of training in-between.

A responsible and accountable supply chain

The sustainable solutions we develop target the entire life cycle of sport: how apparel, footwear or equipment is made, sold, played and eventually retired.

Before we even get to the starting line, open and transparent dialogue to set mutual expectations with our suppliers is a must. We have clear policies in place with them and measure their progress with the utmost transparency. For us, setting high standards means having the highest levels of accountability.

We manage our social and environmental impact specifically around water, chemicals, energy usage and workers’ rights.

  • Water: Water is both essential for life and increasingly threatened. That’s why we set strong targets for our suppliers to reduce water consumption in our production. We also commit to water conservation practices like sourcing 100% of our cotton sustainably.
  • Chemicals: Handling chemicals is often unavoidably part of creating high-performance products. That’s why it’s crucial we do so responsibly across our entire supply chain. We work together with chemical experts, environmental organizations and industry federations to upgrade our end-to-end approach to reducing chemicals.
  • Energy: We already achieved our energy reduction targets of 20% by 2020 one year ahead of schedule.
  • Labor: We have been ensuring fair and safe working conditions in our supply chain by setting our own standards for more than two decades. In doing so, we contribute to the respect of human rights and the improvement of living conditions in our supplier countries. We employ a team of 50 specialists mainly in the supplier countries, who work daily toward more sustainable business practices in our supply chain. Through more than 900 factory assessments last year, we reviewed and evaluated supplier conduct, work with suppliers to address issues and make improvements where necessary. We’ve been a Fair Labor Association member since 1999, we measure our factories with a rating system for social compliance (C-KPI) and all our strategic suppliers are disclosed and updated on our website. We achieve key rankings for fair working conditions in the Know The Chain and Corporate Human Rights Benchmark listings.

Collage of materials used to make adidas sustainable proucts, thread, sustainability, sports, performance, supply chain, adidas, GamePlan A
Our social and environmental responsibility sets high standards along the entire adidas supply chain.

Starting the marathon

You can explore the adidas sustainability progress and commitments we’ve made for the future in the gallery below (click here to download our sustainability infographic) :

Sustainability infographic at adidas, sustainability strategy, goals
Sustainability infographic at adidas, sustainability strategy, goals
adidas is commited to helping end plastic waste.
Sustainability infographic at adidas, sustainability strategy, goals
recycled polyester, sustainability, adidas
By 2024, we’ll eliminate virgin polyester wherever possible and use 100% recycled polyester.
sustainable articles, sustainability infographic, adidas
Sustainability infographic at adidas, sustainability strategy, goals
run for the oceans, sustainability infographic, adidas
Sustainability infographic at adidas, sustainability strategy, goals
Sustainability infographic at adidas, sustainability strategy, goals
In 2016 we replaced all plastic bags in our stores with paper bags.
Sustainability infographic at adidas, sustainability strategy, goals
Our offices worldwide are single-use plastic-free.
recycled packaging, sustainability infographic, adidas
We commit to recycled packaging by 2021. 
product cycle, choose to give back, sustainability infographic, adidas
innovations, 3 loop strategy, sustainability infographic, adidas
Sustainability infographic at adidas, sustainability strategy, goals
Together with Better Cotton, adidas sources 100% sustainable cotton.
Sustainability infographic at adidas, sustainability strategy, goals
To create change at scale, we commit to reducing our carbon footprint by 30% by 2030.
Sustainability infographic at adidas, sustainability strategy, goals
By 2050 our goal is to achieve carbon neutrality.
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Sustainable workplaces

Global targets are well-known, but changes on our own doorstep are just as important. Sustainability is a shared commitment among colleagues in adidas offices, as well as in retail and distribution centers worldwide.

Plastic bottles are out and reusable cups are in at our restaurants and coffee shops. Sustainable commuting is encouraged and ongoing education on how to live greener lives is supported through our Green Company initiatives. Renewable energy sources for buildings are on the rise. At our HQ in Germany, for instance, we covered our building roofs in PV modules to generate electricity from the sun’s rays and we also built running tracks from recycled product samples.

Help end plastic waste

Plastic is a problem that has reached unfathomable proportions: for every person on the planet, there is one ton of plastic of which nearly 80 percent has become plastic waste. This waste is destroying the oceans. By 2050, seas will be filled with more plastic than fish.

milestones, sustainability infographic, adidas

We commit to help end plastic waste and, by 2024, we’ll eliminate virgin polyester in our products completely and go 100% recycled.

To achieve these goals, we foster open-source partnerships and put a high value on collaboration over competition to create sustainable solutions that go beyond our own business and influence.

We innovate to create change

To become a circular company where the products we make can be either recycled, remade or returned to nature we focus our innovation on our Three Loop Strategy.

ecycled circula regenerative loop
These three loops will get us to 9 out of 10 adidas articles featuring sustainable elements.

We collaborate to create change

Being a leader means understanding that our purpose is bigger than ourselves. To make a real difference in creating industry change and developing a new future of fashion, we have to go beyond our own business and team up with creatives and innovators across the globe.

Imagine playing on a team with players who all have the same strengths. To win, you need both diversity of expertise and a complete view of the game. That’s why we work with partners whose expertise complements our extensive experience in sports innovation. Together we push the limits of eco-innovation in this space.

Collage of adidas sustainable partnerships, innovation, community, fashion, product, Fashion For Good, Stella McCartney, InfinitePlay, adidas, GamePlan A
To be a leader in sustainability, we partner with experts who help us achieve our biggest goals.

From established companies like Stella McCartney to thought leaders like the Parley network, to scientific start-ups like Carbon and open-source platforms like Fashion for Good, our spectrum of partners reflects our approach to sustainability in general: holistic.

We’re tapped into a strong start-up network as part of our sponsoring and mentoring role in Fashion for Good. Here, we collaborate with other companies to accelerate or create pilot projects that benefit our industry’s environmental outlook. Some of our partnerships include those with Pond, Infinited Fiber, and Spinnova focused on developing regenerative materials for use in our products going forward.

Another innovative initiative is Choose to Give Back, a resale program designed to extend the life of products. In the United States beginning in October 2021, used shoes, clothes, and accessories, made by any brand and in any condition can be sent to us. Our collaborator, thredUp will resell any products that in good condition. The idea is that if gear is in play, it’s out of landfill and ocean waste. Based on the learnings from the initial chapter of this program, we plan to expand the offer to other markets.

Like every good athlete, we are always keeping an eye on the competition and some might be surprised to learn that we don’t exclude teaming up with them for the greater good of the industry.

Running together into a sustainable future

The promise of the world’s first sustainable running shoe made from marine plastic waste, presented at the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York in 2015, ignited the imagination of many.

Not only did this commitment result in some of the most innovative and sustainable sports products ever seen in our industry, it also brought to life in 2017 a running movement committed to ending plastic waste – Run For The Oceans. The worldwide digital run to coincide with World Oceans Day showed that everyone can make an impact – one runner, one company, one partnership at a time.

Collage of people running together and huddling as a team, Run for the Oceans, running, sports, community, sustainability, Parley For The Oceans, adidas, collaboration, GamePlan A
Sustainability is on all of us, that’s why Run For The Oceans in 2017, 18, 19 and 21 rallied all our communities in our fight to end plastic waste.

“adidas’ commitment to sustainability started way before the topic gained public attention. For 20 years, we have been a change leader in our industry. Our fight to end plastic waste is the best expression of our purpose that, through sport, we have the power to change lives. The increasing use of recycled materials is just one example of our sustainability activities. The spectrum ranges from waste prevention and new types of take-back programs for use products, to climate protection. This will contribute to our ultimate goal of carbon neutrality in all our activities as well as our supply-chain by 2050,” says Kasper Rorsted, CEO at adidas.

The adidas Sustainability Series

Explore more stories on innovation and collaboration.



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by Alex 12.07.2020
I recycled about ten pair of adidas shoes so far giving them to local sneakers recyclers but how can I return them to adidas in Milan, Italy next time?
("you wear down your adidas shoes or clothes and, instead of throwing them away, you can return them (in any condition) to adidas")
Sina Port
Sina Port | Staff Alex 01.10.2020
Hi Alex, Infinite Play is still a UK-based pilot program so it is yet to be rolled out globally! We will keep updating you here on all our new sustainability programs. Thanks for asking!
by Joyce 27.07.2020
Such an inspiring strategic goals and execution towards sustainability! It makes everyone who works here or purchase the product here feel proud and engaged in contributing to the future of society!
Sina Port
Sina Port | Staff Joyce 01.10.2020
I agree Joyce, we are on an amazing way to change the future for better!
by Diane KIm 02.08.2020
My 12years old daughter who wants to become a marine biologist is a superholic to Adidas brand.
She will be proud of your activity and love ADidas more strongly same as I did.
Want to see more recycled products in Market!
Sina Port
Sina Port | Staff Diane KIm 01.10.2020
That's beautiful Diane, greetings to your daughter and who knows maybe she will join us in the future on our way to end plastic waste! More products are on the way and I'm so excited to see what we innovate next.
by Ikhwan 01.12.2020
🌱 is everywhere.
A very good piece on how adidas would do to ensure a better future as becoming a circular company!
Kudos to all 🌱!
by Stephanie Pedroza 15.12.2020
I helped collect ocean plastics a few years for Parley through a nonprofit I used to volunteer for a few years ago. 9/2020 I started my own nonprofit called Land Keepers Foundation and would like to continue to help collect ocean plastics. Hiking trails are also littered with plastics. Nearby beach communities also need cleanups before the plastics was down the storm drains.
by ilyes 02.02.2021
so good to work with you
thanks for this
by UuDam Nguyen 11.06.2021
Great and inspiring article. Thanks Sina Port. I want to help to speed it up.
I am an artist from Vietnam. I have a project ECO-ĐI and I would like to team up with Adidas. The goal is to clear the trash off the beaches and leave no trash behind.
Please connect me to Adidas top officer who can make a decision.

ECO-ĐI full video
Walk to Save Our Earth
by Hans Finkbeiner 23.08.2021
Seit Wochen versuche ich eine Verbesserung für Schiri Kleidung speziell Hemden an ADIDAS heranzutragen, aber es gelingt mir nicht, den richtigen Ansprech-Partner zu erreichen. Immer werde ich abgespeist das ADIDAS alles bestens macht. Unbestritten, aber ich als Schiri seit 50 Jahren im Fußball habe doch eine bedeutende Lücke endeckt, Dies kann nur ein Schiri in Funktion endecken, und die Schwaben sind halt Tüftler und Erfinder , ich hoffe mit dieser Mail weiter zu kommen .
by Nadine 18.11.2021
Adidas creates product made out of sustainable materials but than packs the Apparel goods in plastic bags and ships online orders in multiple big boxes per single order - Its not a sprint but its still a long way to go and how trustworthy is this towards consumers ?
by Frank Teuscher 13.04.2023
Wir haben eine Kooperation mit einem Versanddienstleister geschlossen. Das führt dazu, dass wir Ihnen nicht nur eine umweltfreundliche Verpackung, sondern auch eine kostengünstige Rückführung anbieten können, die preislich konkurrenzlos zu den herkömmlichen Anbietern ist. Die ideale Lösung für den Privatkunden! Eine Präsentation hierzu kann ich Ihnen zukommen lassen.

Melden Sie sich gerne, wenn Sie interessiert sind, mehr dazu zu erfahren. Aus unserer Erfahrung mit einem sehr großen Marktbegleiter von Ihnen kann ich einige interessante Ansatzpunkte aufzeigen und erläutern welche Vorteile der Sportartikelhersteller hat!!!

Beste Grüße

Frank Teuscher
Key Account Manager

+49 231 390895-18
+49 174 6928726
by Sinan Can Göçer - Rüzgar Yeter 20.09.2023
Recycling is still wasting a lot; time, gas, people…
Compared to
Up cycling which I am committed to find any adidas product which is not being used - when a tshirt you stop wearing in your closet creates an subconscious undervalue over the brand- can be transformed into something you could never put down. For example I bleached my adidas ts and no one believed I did it in 5 min.
Now I am working on a new collection which is a story of me creating my new identity by committing to adidas. I could never been happier to be able to talk about or even show.
Only thing is i don’t believe paid models walking in a way that will make anyone like me.
People who wear it and through value they put on this item they influence others.
Can’t wait to collaborate with you.
Please text me your name and position to see and talk more about my manifesto



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