As the calendar year ends, 2021 will best be remembered in the employment and career space for the unplanned ‘great resignation’, with many making bold decisions around their future career. Tired and weary of the challenges and uncertainty that covid presented, people started to resign from roles that were both lucrative and stable. Walking away meant peace of mind, with a steely eye on reinventing oneself and a razor-sharp focus on doing what they’ve always wanted to do… Getting that dream job.

The job search, now more than ever, is in favor of the candidate. Whether executive level positions, mid-management, or career starters, job seekers are now picking and choosing their future career with confidence. And on their own terms. We were disrupted. We pivoted. We grew to discover that personal happiness was more important than staying in roles that were simply a means-to-an-end or title-focused.

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You’re in the driving seat when it comes to your chosen career path. ©Tim Macpherson / Getty images
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Be creative and branch out. Don’t feel obliged to stay within a given industry. ©Tim Macpherson / Getty images
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Reach for the stars. And do so on your own terms. ©Tim Macpherson / Getty images
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Candidates looking for jobs in 2022 who have already launched their job searches are going to continue to be savvy, smart, and selective in determining which companies will receive an affirming, ‘Yes, I’ll accept the offer.’ Shopping companies to determine position, pay, and balance are in the forefront of the minds of the job shopping careerists. Negotiating to ‘yes’ is more transparent and in favor of the candidate.

If you are unsure of what to expect in 2022, here are six tips to consider when choosing your future career path.

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You now have more power when it comes to deciding the next step of your career journey. ©Alexander Suhorucov / Pexels

1. Get going early

Start sending resumes in December to positions that you are qualified for. Recruiters welcome an influx of top talent during this time. Sharing qualified resumes in December is the best gift you can give a recruiter, which may ultimately elevate your interviewing opportunities. Don’t wait or hesitate.

2. Broaden your network

Network with recruiters and hiring leaders in industries that you may not have previously considered. Growing industries projected to increase employment opportunities include healthcare, IT, and supply chain. You don’t need to be a techie to work for an IT company. You don’t need to be a process engineer to work in a supply chain company. And, you don’t have to be a nurse or doctor to work in healthcare.

All three industries have Human Resources, Finance, Training & Development, Marketing, and many more functional divisions within the companies.

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Get connected. Increasing your network will exponentially increase exposure to potential future employers. ©We Are / Getty images

3. Develop relationships

While you are networking for yourself, offer recruiters candidates for their open roles by recommending friends and co-workers who may be a match, even if you’re not. This strategy is one that many people shy away from, however savvy candidates understand the value of making referrals to companies. Recruiters will note the selfless gesture and elevate your candidacy when the right fit position opens, thus opening up future career possibilities.

4. Lay out your expectations

Market yourself on LinkedIn as seeking either 100% remote or hybrid working. Candidates are foregoing excessive pay raises in lieu of a 100% remote or a more hybrid lifestyle – 50% work from home and 50% in the office. Some candidates are even successfully negotiating one day in the office with four days working from home. Be creative and be sure to build a business case around why working from home is a benefit.

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Employees now expect to see more of a shift to remote and hybrid working models. ©Luis Alvarez / Getty images

5. Enable that side hustle

Get comfortable with having a dual career. You may have discovered your knack as an entrepreneur, but you want to simultaneously have some stability with a regular Friday direct deposit. If so, be open, honest, and transparent during your interview. Many companies will continue to offer contracted or part-time hours.

6. Explore future career trends

Research career trends on a weekly basis to stay on top of new strategies. Take the initiative to engage in social media posts. Every time you make a comment on LinkedIn, recruiters and hiring managers learn who you are and get deeper insights into your values, and mindset.

What other strategies have you implemented? I’d love to hear from you as we navigate this new landscape. The most challenging times are now behind us. The most innovative times are here to change how we work, where we work, and why we work.


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by Renee Kearney 11.12.2021
Tina, this added so much clarity and set a plan for the candidate focus! You nailed it when you said the landscape has changed. Great blog! Thank you!
by Karma Gurung 14.12.2021
Great content on how to forge ahead in 2022 to build ones career. I loved the idea on applying for qualified roles in Dec. Hoping that I land my dream job. Cheers!
by Tina Nicolai Karma Gurung 14.12.2021
So glad you find the tips helpful!
by Rafael Siqueira 01.02.2022
Olá, Meu nome é Rafael trabalho com edição de imagens com a ferramenta Canva, gostaria de uma oportunidade para trabalhar com vocês da companhia.

Deixei um link acima do meu drive Google, considere da uma olhada.

Desde já agradeço!