The best coaches in the world are not necessarily admired and remembered for bringing home a championship trophy, but for building teams that are respected for their unity, allyship and sportsmanship.

Improving relationship management, turning dull repetitive tasks into a competition exercise and looking at the untapped talent around you are just some of the team building ideas that can boost your team’s performance.

Here are three stories that will help you build and lead a winning team:

1. How strong relationships create a winning team

For Lidia Staron, building a winning team comes down to relationship management. In her article, you’ll find valuable tips that help you identify focus areas for your work as a coach. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the importance of respect, communication, feedback, drive and hierarchy. This will help you become the leader you want to be.

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2. Turn repetition into competition to get the most out of your team

Once you’ve built healthy and trusting relationships within your team, it is time to push your team’s performance. Jimmy Gallustian, Marketing Director of Coerver Coaching, has successfully applied the Coerver Method on the pitch and in business. With his advice, you will introduce a new level of positive competition to your team that spices up some of the dull and negative tasks we have to fulfill on our way to the top.

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3. Focus on untapped talent and become an unstoppable team

We all know that there is no I in team. As a leader in business, Maureen Monte has helped many groups of individuals to form winning teams. When she applied her team building experience in business to the world of sports, she proved that the fundamental principles are the same. Learn more about common team struggles and the coach’s role is in finding a way out in this article.

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We all learn and grow from the experience of others. What team building ideas have helped you to become a better coach and a better leader?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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