Football is a team sport; but the strength and mindset of the individual players can make or break a team. While every player has their own story, there is one common trait that seems to be a secret for success on and off the pitch: Developing the mindset of a champion. Find out more in the stories below.

The adidas X podcast – Tapping into the minds of the best

Mindset is what will set you apart from the rest. On the adidas X podcast, we heard from some of football’s finest – from established midfielder Juan Mata to rising star Tariq Lamptey – as they revealed what a true champion’s mindset looks like to them.

Find out more from Jermaine Jenas and the crew of the adidas X football podcast.

Poster of adidas X football podcast featuring football player Juan Mata, soccer, player, adidas, athlete

Serge Gnabry talks courage, culture, and creativity

Serge Gnabry has worked his way to become one of the world’s best players, despite facing numerous challenges along the way. But his courage to face these challenges, a desire to embrace cultural diversity and his hunger to create have allowed him to overcome almost anything.

Find out more about his formula for success here.

Serge Gnarby and his 3 words

Robin Gosens on grit and determination

There has always been the discussion about what’s more important – natural talent or hard graft. For German national player Robin Gosens, the answer was clear. He accepted early on in his career that if he was to succeed, he’d have to put in the extra effort. Robin’s desire to be taken seriously by his peers was just the motivation he needed, and when he started to see the fruits of his labor, it motivated him even more.

Check out Robin’s story here.

Caucasian man running and kicking a footballer on a grassy pitch, Robin Gosens, footballer, football, German, Germany, team, adidas, sports, exercise, DFB
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What behaviors and attitudes have you adopted to develop the mindset of a champion? What has it led you to achieve? Share your story in the comments below.


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