We are the first to admit we are not perfect. Do we get everything right the first-time round? No! Did we start Runtastic with the perfect work culture? No! Are we finished working on and improving this? Absolutely not!

At Runtastic, our employees are what make us special. We are lucky to have a talented, dynamic, international team that challenges us to constantly change and adapt in order to be our best for our users and, of course, our Runtastics.

We know that our working culture is just as alive and able to change as any other culture. We’re aware that we must consistently adapt and change in order to fully embrace each and every one of our diverse, talented and international employees. We’re also not afraid to fail and we firmly believe it’s better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all.

Living and working by our values

Two men working behind computer and laptop screens in an office, collaboration, teamwork, colleagues, employees, Runtastic. Linz, Austria
Runtastic still remains true to its start-up foundations. (This image was taken before the pandemic)

From what began as a little start-up, Runtastic has transformed and developed into a wonderful hive of talent with 280 members of 41 nationalities making up our team. A couple of years back we reviewed our values, but as much has changed again, we decided it was time for an update! We want to ensure our values represent who we are and serve as a strong basis for motivation and commitment.

Far from being driven from the top down, our values were established by a culture project team made up of Runtastics from various areas of the company, from a range of backgrounds, and a wide mixture of age, gender, and tenure.

From Scott, our CEO, to Katharina in our Customer Happiness Team, we are all working and striving to live out these values each and every day. From data to mindsets, stimulating creativity and driving innovation, here’s a peek at the values we hold at Runtastic:

1. Dedication

We are all dedicated to the same vision and are dedicated to our team as a whole. We rely on feedback from our peers to be our best, so we’re fostering afeedback culturethroughout all our teams.

2. Sense of purpose

We care about our team, we care about our users and we care about our vision. We are all truly proud of the impact we have on people’s lives, and always keep this in mind when adding a new feature to our adidas Running and adidas Training apps.

Men and women spending time together doing activities, colleagues, teammates, fun, activity, worklife, Linz. Runtastic, Austria
Runtastic offers more than just a place to work. It's a way of life. (This image was taken before the pandemic)

3. Team spirit

Right now, due to the current COVID-19 situation, most of us are working from home. But normally our team is spread between our HQ in Linz and our offices in Vienna and Salzburg. When we’re back to the office, it can be a challenge to make our team feel included when the majority of us are based in Linz. To strengthen the relationship, we made some changes, such as adapting event plans to be more flexible and inclusive to allow for company-wide meetings and remote discussions. We sure are learning a lot with the remote setup!

Men and women spending time together doing activities, colleagues, teammates, fun, activity, worklife, Linz. Runtastic, Austria
Runtastic embraces every opportunity for colleagues to connect. (This image was taken before the pandemic)

We help each other out and we know how to celebrate success; whether it‘s a spontaneous kudos in our Appreciation Slack channel skiing down the slopes together or sharing a few beers back when we could meet in person.

4. Innovation

We know that innovation is required to truly be our best and we have a dedicated Innovation Team to question the status quo. However, we also believe that each team member should have dedicated time to step away from their day-to-day tasks to work on innovative ideas and projects.

We’ve tried our best since day one to incorporate innovation in our daily working lives and we aim high and set ourselves ambitious goals.

We’ve actually pushed this further and last year we launched ‘Creators Time’. This allows every Runtastic to use 20% of their working time on innovative projects or self-development.

5. Data-based decision-making

Not only do we respect our users’ data, but we also strive to use data more in our day-to-day tasks. Although we trust our instincts, we will confirm our intuition with data by actively researching and doing in-depth analysis, before drawing conclusions.

6. Agile mindset

We challenge the status quo and flexibly adapt to constantly changing situations within the company and the industry. We welcome all input and keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive by allowing thoughtful autonomous decisions. We actively seek and provide feedback (for example our ​Management Q&A​, which is an additional chance to openly discuss current topics), don’t judge our failures, yet learn from them and continuously improve!

Men and women joining hands in a circle, teamwork, collaboration, team spirit, colleagues, Runtastic, Linz, Austria
A sense of belonging plays a massive part in Runtastic's culture. (This image was taken before the pandemic)

How it feels to be part of the Runtastic family

No matter which office you work from, a day in the working life of any Runtastic is nothing short of exciting. Whether it’s racing down our slide in our HQ, sampling some of the yummy treats from the home country of one of our colleagues, developing the next-level code to enhance one of our apps, collaborating with multiple teams working on interesting and innovative projects, or simply enjoying a coffee and having a chat with one of our lovely colleagues! We sure are looking forward to being back at the office when times allow it again.

Group of men and women at the summit of a snowy mountain, outdoor, Runtastic, employees, trip, Austria, Linz
From the office to the great outdoors. (This image was taken before the pandemic)

We will never stop working to improve our work culture for our team, as we are dedicated to making Runtastic the best place to be for our employees. If you share our mindset of change and improvement, relate to our values and like the sound of joining our team, check out our ​career page​; maybe Runtastic is the right match for you!


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