Becoming a leader in any field comes with challenges. For women, those challenges are unique in their career, life, and sports. Here are four blogs that will help you grow your confidence, learn the principles of women in leadership, and get rid of the habits that might hold you back.

1. Secrets to confidence

To become a leader, confidence is key. But how do you build confidence in yourself and others? Triple Olympian and adidas Senior Director Kate Woods shares her secrets to building true confidence and a checklist every future leader should have with them. Watch Kate talk about empowering authentic confidence for women in leadership.

2. Ditch the sorry

Strong, confident, and driven women often undermine themselves with a single word – ‘sorry’. For one day, Hannah Sellers observes how women casually sprinkle the seemingly innocent five-letter word in their everyday life; from grabbing equipment at the gym, or even arriving early for a meeting. Check out her four tips to kick your sorry habit.

Portrait of businesswoman standing in office with her arms crossed. | Sorry

3. From intern to VP

Opportunities don’t just knock on the door without being invited in. To boost your corporate career as a woman, it’s about creating your own luck. Celine Del Genes remembers when she first started her career at adidas, and how things didn’t always work out as planned as she joined other women in leadership. Read Celine’s four career tips to go from intern to VP.


4. Pick your personal board of directors

Would you take the chance to double your growth potential, simply by interacting with people? Melissa Claassen shares why she believes in the importance of mentorship in the workplace. If you want to become influential, connect with other women in leadership positions who can share their personal journey with you. Find out why she believes in the power of mentorship in the workplace for your career growth.

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