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adidas Stories of Change in Sustainability Innovation

Watch this three-part series to explore how adidas is using sustainability innovation to end plastic waste.

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The adidas Sustainability Series

2050 is the year when we at adidas plan to achieve climate neutrality. It’s also the year where it’s expected that our oceans will contain more plastic than fish, that is, if we don’t act now. Therefore, to help end plastic waste and achieve climate neutrality, we at adidas we are looking at sustainability innovation as our solution.

This three-part video series is not only a wake-up call to find solutions to the plastic problem our planet is facing. It’s about telling stories of change, real change, showing that when we work together, we can create a true circular future.

1. End Plastic Waste: Breaking Point

This episode reveals the scale of the plastic pollution problem and what inspired adidas to team up with partners and launch our Three Loop Strategy and drive sustainability innovation.​ ​

In the Recycled Loop, products are made with recycled materials and in the Circular Loop, products are Made To Be Remade. The Regenerative Loop is adidas’ ultimate ambition where materials are Made with Nature to then finally return to nature. Each loop takes us closer to being a circular company.​

2. End Plastic Waste: Changing the Game

Plastic is polluting our oceans. It’s in our food, drink, and bodies. Our collaboration with Parley for the Oceans seeks to change the game in our fight to end plastic waste. With the first running shoe made out of Parley Ocean Plastic, adidas unveiled a symbol of change to the United Nations in 2015.​ Together with Parley, we entered a new era in which we collaborate with nature, pushing the boundaries of sustainability innovation.

The shoe was only the beginning, with Run for the Oceans, a worldwide digital running movement to coincide with World Oceans Day, and Parley Ocean School, inspiring and empowering the next generation of ocean guardians, we’re continuously exploring change beyond product innovation. Because in the end, it takes a holistic and always-on approach to help end plastic waste.​

3. End Plastic Waste: Made for the Future

When you throw away something, do you know what “away” really means? We all are responsible for the choices we make that affect our planet’s future. This episode highlights our goal to phase out virgin polyester by 2024 and achieve climate neutrality by 2050. Using new recyclable clothing techniques and technologies that build on plant-based cells and proteins, we explore materials that can be returned to nature.​ From working with partners like Parley, Stella McCartney, or Allbirds, we push the boundaries of sustainability innovation. Acting collectively is key, because the scale of change we need to create​ is only possible with collaboration.


How adidas is driving innovative sustainable solutions designed to transform our industry and our planet.


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by Matthew Ostrove 30.03.2021
I love that you are a forward-thinking environmental company by partnering with Parley, clearing plastics from the oceans. I wear your products because I believe in your vision for sustainability! keep going Adidas!

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