While everyone’s journey of anti-racism and social justice is different, the one thing we all share is the need to listen and learn. Podcasts are a great way to develop a deeper understanding of this topic, and there are many shows out there that will guide you through a range of candid conversations with thought leaders and subject matter experts.

Opening yourself up to the perspectives of others will teach you things you may not know about and give you the vocabulary to initiate uncomfortable conversations with your family, friends, and co-workers.

Wherever you are on your social awareness journey, here are four of the best podcasts on race, inclusion, and social justice to help you along the way:

1. Your Black Friend

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Podcaster Maxwell Griffin wanted to address some of the questions white people have about being Black in the United States today. His answer? Your Black Friend.

In his own words, Maxwell explains that while white people are encouraged to become allies, they might not have any Black friends to have these conversations with themselves. His solution? To take anonymous questions and present them to a host of guests in the hope that “listening to these conversations help you go beyond allyship and become a co-conspirator in the work to dismantle systemic racism.”

Two episodes to listen to:

Your Black Friend Today is Spencer Wyatt: This episode covers a variety of topics including conversations about race, being a Black parent, and assumptions about Black people. Check it out here.

Your Black friend today is Zanele Mutepfa-Rhone: As a culture and diversity strategist, Zanele was celebrated as one of the most influential women by the Portland Business Journal in 2020. In this episode, Max and Zanele dive deeper into the topic of Black culture. Check it out here.

2. Code Switch

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NPR’s Code Switch is a weekly podcast hosted by American journalists Gene Demby and Shereen Marisol Meraji on the overlapping themes of race, ethnicity, and culture. If you want to explore a topic from multiple dimensions, this is the go-to podcast.

The show discusses current news while looking at the historical context of race relations and civil rights in the United States. What makes it one of the best podcasts on race is how they report on topics from different angles, giving a platform to sociologists, historians, topic experts, and communities to tell their stories.

The show discusses current news while looking at the historical context of race relations and civil rights in the United States. What makes it one of the best podcasts on race is their nuanced research and opening up the stage to different perspectives.

Two episodes to listen to:

Balls and Strikes: Many athletes went on strike in 2020 to highlight injustices across the U.S. This episode explores how these strikes came about and how such action has historically helped communities of color to advance their civil rights and demand change. Check out the episode here.

Is it time to say R.I.P. to ‘P.O.C.’?: This episode talks about becoming more inclusive in how you speak and how to be respectful when acknowledging the identities of others. Check out the episode here.

3. The Good Ancestor Podcast

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The Good Ancestor Podcast is an interview-format podcast hosted by Layla F. Saad, New York Times bestselling author of Me and White Supremacy (2020), an anti-racism education workbook.

As I worked through her book, I was fascinated by how relevant it was for all Non-Black people, as elements of white supremacy can also show up in different ways for people of color. While Saad’s book offers actionable solutions to the question ‘What can I do to be anti-racist?’, her podcast spotlights examples of how people are living the answer to that question.

Two episodes to listen to:

Good Ancestor Jessamyn Stanley on Yoga for All Bodies: This episode features Jessamyn Stanley, an award-winning yoga instructor, author, entrepreneur, and advocate for body acceptance, female empowerment, and inclusion. She talks about her unique approach to yoga, intersectional identity, and how she defies anti-blackness and fat-shaming within the wellness space. Listen to the episode here.

Good Ancestor Sarah Jones on Being a One-Woman Global Village: Sarah Jones is an award-winning writer and performer known for her multi-character, one-person shows. In this conversation, she explains the various stereotypical depictions of Black women in media and how she built a new space for herself. Check out the episode here.

4. Still Processing (NY Times)

Man and woman posing stylishly while looking at the camera, podcast, race, inclusion

Still Processing is a podcast hosted by New York Times culture writer Jenna Wortham and Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic and journalist Wesley Morris. This podcast explores culture, arts, and societal topics around race, social awareness, and identity.

The show consists of conversations between the hosts, with occasional interviews and snippets from films, music, or shows. With strong opinions and naturally intoxicating energy, their discussions are always critical, always raw, and almost always fun.

Two episodes to listen to:

So Y’all Finally Get It: The episode is extracted from a live conversation the hosts had after the first Black Lives Matter demonstrations in June 2020 in which they discuss outrage, empathy, and protest inclusivity. Listen to the episode here.

Ziwe May Destroy Hamilton: This episode explores how entertainment is changing to make room for raw and personal views on race, privilege, and social justice. Listen to the episode here.

Now you have my four best podcasts on race and inclusion. I believe that they can play a part in impacting all areas of your life. I would love to hear which podcasts have helped you gain more knowledge and understanding of race, inclusion, and social justice.

Leave your thoughts and recommendations in the comment section below!

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by Julian Crockett 30.10.2020
You should also check out a new podcast from Calen Carr who works for the MLS , called The Movement. It's two episodes in and documenting the perspectives of professional soccer players in the MLS dealing with the social climate in America today. I haven't listened to Balls and Strikes but I assume this would be a good supplement to that show to give a soccer specific lens.

Take a listen on spotify.
by Meline 05.11.2020
Dears, this was very ibspiring article. Adidas do care for diversity, no-racism and inclusive culture. But the football Club Qarabag, that officially wears #adidas, is calling to Kill an entire nation incl children and elderly!! Please end any cooperation with this club and stand for your reputation and your values!!
We believe in your high ethics!
by Lape Oyinlola 02.02.2021
Carla Harris - Access & Opportunity. Recommend.