Staying fit is the key to not only keeping your blood pressure and cholesterol in check, but also to boosting your mood the natural way. And while a variety of physical activities can make a difference to a person’s fitness level, cycling has the power to enrich your life, body and mind. From improved mental clarity to solid, fat-burning workouts, cycling comes with seemingly endless benefits for those looking to get in shape and manage their mental health.

Finding clarity through cycling

Cyclists know just how to calm their nerves and clear their minds. From steep mountain trails to winding roadways, there is no trail inaccessible, just the wrong kind of bike. Cycling is a diverse sport that challenges athletes of all skill levels. Riders can work out any stress or anxiety on trails and roads, taking the time and space to process thoughts and emotions or simply enjoy the scenery while building muscle.

Female friends enjoying cycling on a summer day. Two young female friends riding their bicycles on the seaside promenade, cycling, biking, cyclists, fun
Unplug and enjoy the fresh air on two wheels or with friends. ©jacoblund

Miles in the saddle improves stamina

Life takes quite a bit of energy, but it’s important to show up. Fortunately for cyclists, keeping up is not an issue. The physical benefits gained in the saddle are seemingly endless, but maintaining your mental energy and physical stamina means the difference between sleeping through your weekends and enjoying the extra time adventuring with friends and family. Cycling promotes healthy muscle growth and strong blood flow for improved sleep and better eating habits, leading to an overall healthier you.

One man, professional cyclist riding his bicycle on the road alone, cyclist, cycling, biker, bike, sport, fitness, exercise
Cycling not only improves your physical stamina but your mental stamina too. ©South Agency

A bike is always there for you

When all else fails, a bicycle is a tried and true way to move from place to place. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, buses and other forms of public transport are shut down, many indefinitely. But even in a global crisis, cyclists get around with less hassle and exposure to the virus.

Whether you’ve been riding for one day or 20 years, you know the difference cycling can make to your physical and mental health. When life gets challenging and you’re not sure where to turn, remember to get back in the saddle and ride on! You just might find the solution you have been looking for all along.

Woman with bike on bicycle lane in the city, commuting, biking, bike, cyclist, cycling
During this pandemic cycling can sometimes be the safest commuting option. ©Josep Suria


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by Tom Young 30.10.2020
This article really does ring true and highlight how cycling can not only help you to 'switch off', but also help you process thoughts, deliver inspiration all the while maintaining and becoming fitter & healthier. Whether it's on the road or a muddy forest trail, cycling really is great at all levels for getting out in the fresh air, exploring, adventuring and supporting good physical & mental health.
by cycle 09.01.2022
Cycling is really awesome it helps to keep us disease-free and lively thanks to get a clear idea about many things