As a Senior Recruiter for Future Talents at adidas, I am lucky to have many opportunities to interact with a growing community of creators around the world, all eager to kickstart a career at adidas. Standing out from the crowd isn’t always easy, so I joined forces with GamePlan A to give subscribers an exclusive chance to ask their questions on how to make their applications shine.

Here are just some of the tips I shared with them.

Before the application phase

As one of the most recognizable brands in the world, we receive hundreds of job applications each day and believe me when I say the bar is high and the competition is fierce. However, there are certain common denominators that differentiate all successful applicants. Check them out:


  • Evaluate whether you are truly qualified and passionate about the role you’re applying for. In my experience, it is the truly passionate applicants who stand out through the application process.
  • Research our company culture, strategy and more general industry trends before submitting your application. It can make all the difference.
  • Check the job requirements thoroughly and prepare all supporting documents. We know that standing out can be difficult with only a CV and a cover letter, but we encourage you to think outside of the box and show us your creativity.

A team of colleagues on their laptops in a meeting talking to each other and discussing ideas, diversity, team, teamwork, work, office, meeting, adidas, employees
Recruiters get hundred of applications. Share your passion to stand out from the crowd. ©Michael Quiet


  • Don’t submit a generic application you could hand in at any company. Remember the application is your business card and it should trigger the interest of the recruiter to get to know you better, so to give yourself a better chance of getting the career at adidas you’ve always wanted, make sure you target it to adidas and the specific job you are applying for.
  • Don’t apply through email or social media; your application will only get to us through our official careers website.
  • Don’t worry if you come from a totally different industry. In fact, given that you fulfill the specific job criteria, that multidisciplinary knowledge might even strengthen your application.

During & after the application phase

You have received our “Thank you for your application” message. And now what? Here are a few notes worth taking:


  • Be patient and prepare yourself for the next steps: understand your strengths and weaknesses, rehearse your talking points and be clear about what you can bring to the table.
  • During an interview, don’t rush it! It is a smart choice to take your time to think about your answers and ask for clarification if needed. Thinking carefully about your answers always plays in your favor.
  • Although this is something of a cliché, relax and be yourself. As recruiter, I can assure you we are not looking for perfect molds and we don’t expect you to know all the answers.
  • Be prepared: Research industry trends and stay up to date on where we stand as a business.
  • Ask insightful questions: We love it when applicants are genuinely interested in knowing more about the specific role and life at adidas.
  • Be mindful of your timing and manners when following up with recruiters.


  • Don’t be too hard on yourself. Whether you move onto the next stage in the process will depend on many factors, most of them out of your control.
  • While confidence can take you a long way during an interview, cockiness might be just two steps away, so don’t lessen your chances by overdoing it or standing on someone’s feet.
  • Don’t overthink your outfits for interviews or assessment centers. Even though we strongly discourage wearing competitor products, you have entire freedom to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Man discussing ideas with his colleague in a meeting, teamwork, collaboration, office, employee, adidas
Broaden your choice of locations. There may be opportunities in places you never thought of. ©Michael Quiet
  • Don’t limit your choices to one specific location. We operate in many countries around the world, so chances are there’s a broader range of opportunities available beyond your first choice.
  • Don’t push it. We know the interview process can sometimes be lengthy and frustrating, but patience, as they say, is a virtue. We will get back to you. There are a lot of people chasing their dream of a career at adidas.

Having the chance to connect with so many readers showed me how passionate you are about wanting to become part of the adidas family. If you haven’t done so already, subscribe to the GamePlan A newsletter for up-to-date insights from within our company and from our wider community.


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by Gerardo 19.08.2020
I would like to subscribe to the GamePlan A newsletter.
Prair Gunavibool
Prair Gunavibool | Editor Gerardo 20.08.2020
Hi Gerardo! You can subscribe to the GamePlan A newsletter by following this link:
by Paul 20.08.2020
I am a street artist based in Romania with a pasion for anything creative! My job is to be a tattoo artist at one of the best studio in Romania, but my passion goes to the Mural paintings on a large scale!
I think adidas could be the place I can express my creativity wildly and free spirited as I am daily. I love working with color as i love working digitally as well.
I don’t really know if there is a job title that Im after here at adidas but I do know that my skills would be a plus in any given challenge that you guys could bring to the table.
My part is to be the onethat brings color for everyone to love, admire, and inspire!
Thank you for reading this!
by Daniel Paul 21.08.2020
Hey, Paul!

Reading a little bit about your story and sharing this love for creativity and arts of all kinds, I got curious: do you have an Instagram/Website where I could see more of your talent?
by Robin Mathew 21.08.2020
Thank you for such an amazing insight. As a passionate follower I will try and try and try. I strongly hope and pray that one day i will also get an opportunity to work with such a highly motivated, innovative and candidate vis-a-vis employee centric organization.

Cheers to Adidas!
Sina Port
Sina Port | Staff Robin Mathew 01.10.2020
Robin that's the best plan! When you share what you're good at and what you can bring to the team you want to join, you'll be blessed with the opportunities that are right for you. The best to you!
by David Radjali 21.08.2020
Hi Kristina,

Thank you for the tips, will definitely use it as checklist on my next application. My name is David, I’m a brand marketing & communications practitioner based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I’ve been a big aficionado for Adidas brand and product, especially the Originals line, since I was a kid. I’ve always admire how you guys approach the customer with brilliant ways to promote the brand, so that the customer become emotionally attached to the brand. Hopefully one day I can join the creative or brand marketing team.


Sina Port
Sina Port | Staff David Radjali 01.10.2020
Hi David, salam to beautiful Jakarta! As you are in communications you know how helpful it is to build a brand and showcase what you're good at. Keep building your personal brand and you will find the opportunities that fit exactly what you're looking for - you attract what you reflect. All the best on your journey!
by Rahul sen Thakuri 21.08.2020
My favorite addidas .
by Mahendra Sunar 21.08.2020
if recently graduates want to join your company then what are the most important skills and experiences that match the requirements of your company?
by Arvind Sridharan 24.08.2020
I am very excited to get notifications and updates from adidas. Have always been an ardent fan of anything associated with adidas and continue to be so. Have been trying to be a part of adidas ever since childhood and came pretty close in the year 2000 but did not materialize. Have not given up trying and never will. Thank you so much.
Sina Port
Sina Port | Staff Arvind Sridharan 01.10.2020
Yes that's amazing - our recruiters will continue posting tips so receiving the newsletter will be helpful. Keep sharing your expertise & skills and find unique ways to offer solutions to whichever team you applying for. You will receive what's 'written' for you - All the best to you Arvind!
by Kara Pooley 25.08.2020
Great insight into a recruiter's mind! Will use this moving forward to best prepare myself for the application process.
Sina Port
Sina Port | Staff Kara Pooley 01.10.2020
Yes! And be prepared to own up to your uniqueness. Your best chances come when you embrace all your skills, experiences and ideas (esp. when they are unconventional) and you are confident of what you can bring to the position. All the best Kara!
by Tony Saia 25.08.2020
I find it funny that I applied via online and made multiple connections with Adidas Employees via LinkedIn and still wasnt able to even get an interview over a year time span. I applied to positions I was qualified for an passionate about. Even going beyond and setting up 3 to 5 meetings with Adidas Employees just to be informed that they cant pass my resume on. I'm someone who is all about inclusion, diversity, and I like to focus on environmental issues. I quit my job at a plastic company because it clashed with my views. I hope I am able to talk with someone after this because working for a company like Adidas has always been a passion of mine.

I wont stop here.
Sina Port
Sina Port | Staff Tony Saia 01.10.2020
Hi Tony, from writing about three hundred applications in one year, I can relate and I respect your persistence! Keep going and work on yourself and your skills, that's when the opportunities come to you. All the best!
by Mads Hvitved Grand 25.08.2020
Thank you for the insight. Look forward to the upcoming content.
All the best ///
by Asack Mamun Asick 26.08.2020
I am Asick from Bangladesh and still studying Leather Products Engineering as well as Footwear Engineering at University of Dhaka. I have a great dream to get entry to Adidas. And I am trying to achieve my dream. You know, I have a great interest in Product Design and Development.
Would you please give me some suggestions how to achieve my goal or how to prepare myself?
Sina Port
Sina Port | Staff Asack Mamun Asick 01.10.2020
Hi Asack, my tip from when I joined adidas: keep showcasing your work on every channel possible (Linkedin, your website...) and find the position that fits perfectly to you. When you are convinced you are the best candidate for the job and you are confident to build your own portfolio you will get the attention. Even when you don't see the results straight away, keep sharing what you're good at and you will find what's best for you. Wishing you the best!
by Alexandra Santiago 11.09.2020
Good evening,
I am currently a senior in college and was wondering if your company has any slots for an internship? I would very much so like to apply as an intern in this company!
by Adam Meliani 15.09.2020
I would love to work for adidas one day.
by Richard Maestas 22.09.2020
I had a phone interview with a recruiter for a SR Manager position that went well for the most part. However, I was informed that there were a few other candidates that had industry specific experience that made them stronger candidates. What resources do you recommend that can help me prepare for another opportunity?

For context, it was a Demand Planning position in footwear and there was another available in commercial. Most of my relevant experience is in electronics. Ironically, I have very little interest in the current industry that I am in and truly believe that the next step n my career is planning/analytics in an industry that I am passionate about--which is what led me to start working towards employment at adidas. I have some ideas to develop an analysis project or forecasting model for my application, but I am having a hard time finding data that is publicly available for such a project.

Any guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Also, thanks for providing this type of forum. I am glad I stumbled upon this website.


by Natasha Pearson 10.10.2020
Interested in subscribing for your newsletter.
Prair Gunavibool
Prair Gunavibool | Editor Natasha Pearson 23.10.2020
Hey, Natasha. Thanks for your interest in being part of the GamePlan A community! You can subscribe to our newsletter via this link:
by Carolina Botena 16.10.2020
Hello I,m Carolina Botena and I live in Belgium an d I am 14 years old and I really want to become a Model at Adidas can y'all pleas contact me.

by Nawaz Ishaaq 19.10.2020
Addidas is a good platform to learn.I am so excited to have a member of this industry and I am coming first time in this industry.this is good company for sportsman
by karla maylu 20.10.2020
Estudiante de administración de empresas en curso, en la universidad Tecnologica del Peru , con experiencia en atención al cliente. Me caracterizo por la puntualidad, amabilidad, atención y responsabilidad.
by Moovendhan M 12.11.2020
Interested and enthusiastic Indian from an remote town aiming to be a big....
and passionate to be a part of Adidas family...
Waiting for a opportunity to prove my ability...
by Maria Alejandra Rojas Gallego 20.12.2020
Siempre he buscado una oportunidad en donde pueda explotar mi creatividad y mis ganas de querer hacer algo único, actualmente estudio markenting digital y estoy fascinada por la manera en que adidas llega a su publico de una manera mas allá de querer vender algo, ofrecer una experiencia. Siempre he tenido la idea de que ustedes quieren hacer sentir a una persona esa pertenencia a este equipo que se crea cada día, ya sea desde la persona que entra en una tienda, hasta la persona que se encarga de administrar las redes. A lo que me refiero le dan peso la frase "todos somos importantes"
Hacen un trabajo increíble.
by lesedi majola 21.01.2021
the article above was super helpful. salut
by Melina Duren 12.02.2021
Hola! Quiero obtener un puesto de trabajo que me permita crecer personalmente y laboralmente, tengo mucha experiencia y ganas de trabajar, muchas gracias!! Melina.
by Michelle Ly 02.03.2021
Amazing insight and tips for career candidates! Thanks Kristina Schulte and the HR team for this whole wealth of information and insight into the culture at Adidas to better understand how my values also align with bringing forth creativity, confidence, and passionate about collaborating to deliver the best experience not just professionally, but also in life! I have applied to a position I am much interested in, and with my persistence, confidence, and sheer determination, I will part of a winning team and company and will shine on! Thanks for this! - Michelle Ly
by Annalena 13.04.2021
Thank you for such an amazing insight.
I already did an internship at adidas during my studies and it was a great time.
I was wondering if there are any vacancies where you can work from home?
Does adidas offer work from home?
Thank you vor reading this :)
by Joe 18.04.2021
Hallo. Ich Entwickle seit vielen Jahren Flugsportgeräte. Ich habe eine sehr inovative Idee für Schuhe.

Bei Interesse kontaktieren sie mich.

Liebe Grüße
by Carlos B 21.04.2021
Hi there

Please could you advise as to how I can go about registering my Resume onto your careers database?

Thank you

Carlos B
by manish limbu 03.05.2021
iam looking for jobs from where i can apply in adidas company
Prair Gunavibool
Prair Gunavibool | Editor manish limbu 17.08.2021
Hi Manish! You can explore open roles here:
by Mara Lorenz-Meyer 18.05.2021
I was wondering where and when it is possible to apply for an internship at Adidas Amsterdam? On the careers site it says that the application process opens in October and May but so far I was unable to find where to apply.
Thanks so much in advance and kind regards,
by Ashri Bin Amanat 29.06.2021
Respected sir/mam,

Please allow me to apply for an internship in the Human Resources Management department of renowned company. I am seeking the challenging but rewarding internship, which is why I was drawn to this exciting opportunity.

I am currently doing my major in the subject of Human Resources Management and plan to do my masters. I have a lot of experience in walking in the entire HRM department, I believe that I would be an asset to your company. This internship would provide me with the ideal opportunity to assist your organization and to expand my research skills. It will be best for my career and if I can show you my performance, you can keep me in your company. Actually I want to do the internship and if I am perfect, I would like to join your company without any doubt.

In this pandemic situation there is now way to move or travel to your country, Please guide me from there and give me the work or project, I wish, I will deliver you the best for your company. In my career, I want to be the best Hr in your company, if I get the responsibility.

I would be delighted to have an opportunity to personally interview with you. Please accept the enclosed resume and feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience. I appreciate your time and consideration.
Yours sincerely,
Ashri Bin Amanat

by Drew 11.07.2021
Hey all at Adidas

I was just wondering...

As an Artist and Creative who is self taught with Photography, Writing and Music how might an individual such as myself earn/gain a job to start a career at Adidas?

Having a lovely career with you guys would be something amazing and hopefully even an internship can morph into a career but regardless even an entry level position I am sure would do the job based off of my self taught skills as an Artist...

Speak soon :)
by Cristiane Da Silva santos 02.08.2021
Oportunidade de carreira.
by Pierre Harris 11.08.2021
I'd like to subscribe to the Gameplan A newsletter.
Prair Gunavibool
Prair Gunavibool | Editor Pierre Harris 12.08.2021
Hi Pierre! You can sign up to the GamePlan A newsletter via this link:
by Soham Roy 20.08.2021
Sir I am a student of design from India, I am currently studying Bachelor of fine arts in Calcutta university, it would be an honor if you kindly enlighten me with the internship programs in Graphics design categories . I always crave to experience the global creativity through this and a part of this World-class Brand, world class ideas.
by Alejandro Góngora Rincón 17.09.2021
i would like to work on an intership with Adidas.
Prair Gunavibool
Prair Gunavibool | Editor Alejandro Góngora Rincón 20.09.2021
Thanks for your comment, Alejandro! You can see all open positions here:
by RJ 03.12.2021
Hi, I was wondering how long the application process takes before a recruiter replies to the application or if there is a policy of replying to them at the company? I had applied for a position a month and a half ago, but have not heard from anyone regarding the application. I have also checked my profile multiple times and noted that the position has not been closed yet. Just wondering as I was really looking forward to being considered for the role but I am admittedly in limbo now.
by Walid Arboud 05.03.2022
I wish to be in one of your Team I just now enter my CV to be one of the best company…!
Pray for me to be there near…
Thank you!!!
by Alaa mousbah 07.11.2022
My number 971524167388
Visit visa
I work in H&M and American Eagle Alshya company
by Joy Lubay 09.01.2023
How can i apply at adidas uae fujairah branch