2020 may well have been the most overwhelming start to a decade any of us have ever experienced. Whether it’s down to the political climate, the coronavirus pandemic, or your social justice work, the year will have undoubtedly taken its toll on our mental health routines.

But it’s never the wrong time to reclaim our well-being practices to develop healthy minds. These five posts could be just what you need to find – or reexamine – your personal approach to your mental health journey.

1. Mental health routines in isolation

Whether you were struggling before COVID-19 or not, the chances are you have become familiar with forms of anxiety, stress and depression during lockdown. Fitness specialist Nazia Khatun has overcome eating disorders and depression herself and now trains other women to build healthy minds and healthy bodies by connecting neuroscience with fitness. She shares three simple and effective techniques to manage mental well-being, especially in times of isolation.

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2. Dance and mental health

Creativity helps nourish healthy minds. Clarissa Dharmaseta who struggled with her mental health throughout her teenage years uses creative outlets as a form of therapy. Find out how dance can help improve your mental health.

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3. Mental health and running

Mainstream therapy is known for seated sessions and medication. Psychotherapist and author William Pullen flipped the script on what it means to develop healthy minds. He uses running paired with storytelling to treat his patients by using his own approach: ‘Dynamic Running Therapy’. Find out more about his mental health journey and how you can achieve mindfulness through running.

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4. Grief and healing

Grief never happens in a vacuum. It might hit you when you’re feeling on top of the world and it can bring you to the ground faster than you might imagine. Maria Nokkonen shares her deeply personal journey of living through a time of grief and how she found routines that helped her restore her mental well-being. Read her article on how running helped her heal during one of the toughest moments in her life.

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5. Sports and mental health in the workplace

The average person spends almost one third of their life at work, often seated. But the mind can’t work at an optimal level without the body. Martin Welke shares how integrating sports into your workplace culture can improve the mental health of your teams. He explains how leaders can create an environment which supports the mental well-being of employees holistically, through flexible working arrangements, office design and cultural shifts. Read his article on sports, mental health and the workplace.

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