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Reflections from Our Growth Mindset Challenge

20 members of our GamePlan A community recently took part in our very own growth mindset challenge. See how they fared on their journey to create new healthy habits in just 30 days.

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A Growth Mindset Journey

Developing a growth mindset isn’t necessarily something we’re born with and sometimes we need to allow ourselves to be given a little direction. At GamePlan A, we had the opportunity to give a small group of subscribers the chance to do just that with the conception of our very own growth mindset challenge.

Hitting the growth mindset challenge head on

The participants were given direct access to adidas’ growth mindset advocate Linda Evenhuis who guided them through the challenge, allowing them to tap into her extensive coaching experience.

With the people and platforms firmly in place, the task ahead of them was seemingly simple: choose a healthy habit you’d want to embed into your everyday lives during the upcoming 30 days and give it a go.

Supported with curated online resources and regular feedback from their peers, the growth mindset challenge participants were essentially handed the keys to their success. Not knowing how the journey was going to develop, participants were encouraged to own every step of the way and define what success meant for them.

Here’s a quick look at what some of them took from the experience.

Would you take part in your own growth mindset challenge?

Check out our golden tips to get you started on your own journey. I can guarantee that the path is not going to be linear, you will want to skip on a few days or just give up altogether, but I can also assure you that sticking to the plan will bring immense rewards.

While setting your goals is important, make sure you also track your progress. For example, a calendar marked with the days you’ve trained or meditated during a given week can be a powerful visual statement and help to boost your motivation.

This picture shows three golden tips to start your personal Growth Mindset Challenge. Self-Improvement, Challenge, Growth Mindset, Mindset, Community, GamePlanA.

Mindset is everything. Whether you’re talking about career success, being a parent, getting through a tough workout or navigating new complexities, having a growth mindset can make the difference between coming out on top and giving up to the negativity around us. Try it yourself. Take the challenge. Own the challenge. Drive the challenge. Win the challenge.

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by Tim Bassford 02.07.2020
Brilliant summary of a great initiative. Subscribe and get involved!
by Jake Wagner 14.07.2020
Legendary team this!
by Josefina Jackson 01.09.2020
Would love to learn and experience anything pro well being
by Jo Jackson 01.09.2020
I am a Primary school teacher and working with Growth mindset has helped my students re frase their feelings, thoughts and frustrations. It helps them try again, also see the good side of things as well as helping them feel they can. Their confidence has been boosted

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