As president of adidas North America, Zion Armstrong receives a lot of emails. He spends hours corresponding with colleagues, leaders and occasionally exchanges with some of the top athletes in the world. But one email recently stopped him in his tracks as he learned about the heartwarming story of an adidas superfan known lovingly by his 22 grandchildren as “Grandpa B.” A granddaughter of Grandpa B emailed Zion to share her grandpa’s incredible story – one that told the impact sport has had on his life, his commitment to family, love for travel and loyalty to adidas.

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A life dedicated to family and sport.
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Providing opportunities for kids.
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Dedicated to the brand.
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An enthusiastic photographer.
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Setting the goal

Born and raised in a small town in Idaho, Grandpa B (also known as Bruce), was enthralled when he first witnessed the game of soccer while studying to become a physical education teacher at Brigham Young University. “From that moment, I fell in love with it,” he recalled. It was that ‘love at first sight’ for soccer that would lead him across the world as he coached youth soccer for the next 50 years.

Along the way, Grandpa B wore just one brand of athletic gear: adidas. His devotion to the brand was embedded in the fabric of his family’s life, going so far as to not allow any attire from competitors into the family home or family pictures.

Celebrating a play maker

To celebrate his storied career and passion for sport, Zion Armstrong sat down with Grandpa B to express his gratitude and, most importantly, wish him a happy 75th birthday. Be sure to watch until the end to see a special surprise message.


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by Michael Browne 16.07.2020
A great example to all of us looking to change lives through sport. what a wonderful man
by Ellis Benson Kmetzsch 17.07.2020
Thanks for telling my grandpa's story. You made his 75th birthday one to remember and we can't wait to share this with family and friends!
by Jasmine Goodwin Ellis Benson Kmetzsch 23.07.2020
Hi Ellis,

Thank you so much for sharing Grandpa B's journey with our team. It was an honor for us to be able to tell his story!
by Ellis Kmetzsch Jasmine Goodwin 16.09.2020
You have the gratitude of our entire family. Thanks Adidas team!
Prair Gunavibool
Prair Gunavibool | Editor Ellis Benson Kmetzsch 20.08.2020
Hi Ellis! Thank you so much for sharing your grandpa's love for the brand with us. We're thrilled to have been a part of making his birthday a special one!
by Frank 23.07.2020
What an inspiration. You can see and feel how empathy and kindness run through every blood vessel he has. Must have been great to be coached by Grandpa B.
by Pauline 27.07.2020
What a great inspiration! Awesome grandpa!
by Delia 29.07.2020
Thanks for sharing this inspirational story about GrandPa B, and happy anniversary to him! You have made me cry and also realize how proud I am about adidas company for their values. Human people create a better world! thanks both for this video.
by Joe Caro 12.08.2020
Super cool story!