Experience is what shapes us, challenges our own preconceptions, changes the way we perceive things. This year the world came to standstill with our normal sport, work and school routines put on pause and a new way of living and experiences emerging from the lockdown.

For adidas athletes and many of us, without sport, there’s been a void but also time and space to think. Time away from the game has strengthened our passion for it. We asked adidas athletes how the meaning of sport and their own profession has changed and the experiences they drew on to keep them focused on being ready for sport again.

Watch adidas athletes explore what this time away has taught them, their unique reflections on their sport, and how they prepare to compete on the world’s stage, once again.

Sam Cane. New Zealand All Blacks v Wales. Rugby Union. 2nd test of the 3 test match Steinlager series. Westpac Stadium, Wellington. 18 June 2016. Ready for Sport, adidas athlete, GamePlanA
Sam Cane is ready to return to action as the new All Blacks captain. ©Andrew Cornaga / www.Photosport.nz
Mikaela Shiffrin running on a beach at a sunny summer day wearing red adidas clothing. Ready for Sport, adidas Athlete, GamePlanA.
Mikaela Shiffrin has that first gate and race in her sights.
Golf Pro Xander Schauffele standing on the golf course. Ready for Sport, adidas athlete, GamePlanA.
Xander Schauffele kept perfecting his craft in lockdown and now the greens await.
adidas Runners, Captain, Running on the streets, athlete, adidas athlete, Ready for Sport.
Nabila Sam, Captain adidas Runners Kuala Lumpur, adapted to every bend in the road.
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Lionel Messi, football player: Sport is the gift

In lockdown, Leo Messi says he’s come to think of playing as an honor. He’s gained the support and respect of fans all over the world. As he inspires them, their loyalty inspires him. Watch what it takes to get Leo Messi Ready for Sport below.

All Blacks, Rugby team: Sport means regeneration

New All Blacks captain Sam Cane shares his thoughts on lockdown, the team’s famous regeneration and the pressures and privileges of keeping the squad on top. Watch Sam Cane and the All Blacks get ready for sport.

Mikaela Shiffrin, skier: The return feels like the first time

From the thrill of speed to the deep meaning the sport has for her, Mikaela Shiffrin shares her excitement and nerves at returning to training and competition.

Xander Schauffele, golfer: Sport is the rush

When the greens were closed, Xander Schauffele stayed hungry and stayed ready. Now, with professional golf returning, it’s time to put preparation into practice.

Ian Wright, ex-Arsenal: Ready to be home again

Ian Wright reflects on the times in his life he’s lost football and how he’s ready to see his old club reunite and be a family again.

adidas Runners: Running is about chasing meaning

With marathons cancelled and clubs closed, runners everywhere were forced to re-evaluate their relationship with their sport. Three adidas Runners from three different continents – Nabila Sam, Jessie Zapo, and Paolo Bellomo – stayed open to new challenges, stayed present within themselves, and stayed ready for sport.

Are you ready for sport? Share how you’ll return to practice your passion in the comments below.


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by Caro 23.06.2020
Sport is part of my life and during lockdown I never stopped. I continued to practice but more individually. Now I'm definitely ready to be back to team sports. I was missing the interactions, the emotions, the exchange & the fun playing with others. I'm so excited to be back to this journey soon!!
by Nevena Caro 26.06.2020
Hey Caro –

Thanks for sharing your reflections! I believe you speak for many people out there when you talk about the emotions, the exchange and the fun of doing sport with others. The role sport has to play in our lives is sometimes bigger than we think – and it’s so great that we are slowly getting ready to return to it.

Cheers, Nevena