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50+ Sustainable Habits From the GamePlan A Community

Scroll down to the comments section to see the lifestyle changes we can make to be more sustainable on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

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The adidas Sustainability Series

Small habits can lead to big changes – especially for our environment.

Let’s be honest, sitting at home during a global crisis like this can feel scary. But it has also led many of us to rethink how we live our lives, maybe even helped us create completely new habits. Who knew the lack of movement and groceries can make us so creative!

This Earth Day we’d love to hear what sustainable lifestyle changes have you made lately? Maybe you started being more careful with throwing away food, dusted off the long-forgotten bicycle, finally shopped your local vegetable markets, or found new ways of avoiding plastic.

Share the sustainable habits that you’ve adopted during lockdown in the comments below.

Bonus: We will feature the Top 3 ideas on our adidas LinkedIn page!


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by Julia 20.04.2020
Since I'm cooking at home every day now, I started shopping for groceries and cooking more strategically. I now plan my meals ahead and reuse all leftovers. If I can't eat everything I pre-cook in 2-3 days, I put some of it in the freezer for next week or so. The result: food waste has gone down to zero. Everything I buy, I eat.
by Christina Steigerwald 20.04.2020
Still buying local, regional and seasonal so that we can reduce single use plastic and reduce waste during corona lockdown. Found also more time to produce my own fresh cheese and several bottles of homemade almondmilk.
by Lenette Heerde 20.04.2020
While usually, I would drive to the store for grocery shopping, I have enjoyed taking to opportunity to walk there and get some fresh air at the same time.
by Linda 20.04.2020
More time at home has helped me keep my herb garden alive and even given me the chance to plant some tomatoes! I plan to keep up my new 'gardening' habits normality resumes.
by Alan Fortuny 20.04.2020
1) Cooking always at home and not buying far reaching packaged foods

2) Cooking only vegan dishes

3) Supporting environmental NGO's : Selvans or SOS Costa Brava
by Daniela 20.04.2020
I switched to e-books, a great way to save paper and get delivered with zero impact on the environment. Also, I have decided not to use any food delivery service during my lockdown and forced me to cook every day.
Quite a challenge for a salad-expert like me!:-)
by Nina Weihrauch 20.04.2020
Happy Earth Week everyone!
I'm using my bike so much more than before and only rarely taking the car. Hope that I will be able to bike to work this year - something I wanted to do last year already, but it fell off the radar. Hope it'll work out this year. ;)
by Liz S. 20.04.2020
Before the lockdown, I would use my car to explore the area. Now, I rely on my own two feet (until the bike stores open again and I can buy a bike!). It's a much more eco-friendly way to see the area - and I've discovered a few new favorite spots which have become part of my daily walking routine.
by Andreas 20.04.2020
I switched to buying more local produce of the little stores in my neighbourhood
by Lisa 20.04.2020
Instead of buying protective face masks from sketchy websites - as they're practically sold out everywhere else - I decided to make some myself.
For one, this saves everything that goes hand in hand with buying a mask (emittance during production, shipping, etc.) and at the same time allows you to give your old t-shirts, towels and more a second life by turning them into re-usable masks.
Nice extra: you get to choose bright and happy colors, patterns and fabrics instead of the sad and serious surgical blue!
by Yasmine Isabella Stinton-murray-pugh 20.04.2020
I'm an avid pedestrian. I take public transport if it's too far to walk but I walk everywhere, have done my whole life, it keeps me fit and healthy. Even if someone offered me my dream car I'd refuse. Cars are so bad for the environment and if I can live my whole life as a pedestrian you could give it a try too.
by Kara Brody 20.04.2020
I've stopped buying any packaged food and am making everything from scratch which is eliminating food waste, decreasing food processing (less energy during production), and also helping us to eat healthier. I'm also only buying necessary items--nothing just for fun and of course not driving anywhere so my consumption overall has decreased significantly.
by Stephanie Decker 20.04.2020
I planted a veggie garden to start growing my own food. Getting my kids involved to teach them how to do this, hopefully they will carry this forward and teach their children one day !
by Ana Paula Russi 21.04.2020
Now we are buying local to support our farmers and small business. No more takeout only cooking at home. Driving for groseries is in the past, can´t remember what it is like to drive a car, now we only walk. We recycle more than ever, now it has a new meaning, it supports not only the environment but also recyclers families that use this plastic as their only income. For sure this situation has changed our lifes in many ways but without a doubt it has a positive impact on our envirnment and it is allowing earth to have a brak from us.
by Eva B 21.04.2020
I always loved walking, nature walks in particular. The lockdown and the last weeks working from home enabled me to use the time that I would usually spend in the car driving to work or picking up the kids to further explore our nature in the neighborhood. Our dog loves this new habit and so does my health and wellbeing.
by Tanja Kaiser 21.04.2020
Since this pandemic is first and foremost a humanitarian crisis and its shock magnifies the impact of inequality, many fear that in those difficult times our minds are not really on "luxury problems" such as environmental causes. With governments racing to implement economic stimulus to keep individuals and economies afloat, we must at the same time raise our voice and do our part to ensure we continue to pave the way to a more sustainable future. I therefore find myself looking for ways to lead an even more sustainable lifestyle and check on habits I haven't had on my tree-hugger radar before. Thank you adidas, for speaking up right now and bringing this beautiful cause to everyone's attention!
by Matt Walters 21.04.2020
Happy Earth Day team. Being stuck inside means that any chance to get outside on my bike feels like a real treat, I am cycling whenever possible. Weekly meal planning is also now a military scale operation as we are cooking so much more food at home - we have discovered some great new simple and quick vegan recipes which we will now have in the locker when things get back to 'normal'.
by Claudio Corti 21.04.2020
Hey guys! Amazing article ahead of Earth Day. Given that in Germany, you're still allowed to go for a run, I will incorporate that into my hacks. Here's my 3 hacks:

1. Using the same shopping bag for my groceries, and another one for cleaning up dirt/trash around the streets.
2. Going for a run with the first shopping bag, ending the run at the supermarket to do groceries
3. Going for a run with the second shopping bag, ending the run by doing some Plogging and bringing it home to sort the trash in the right category.

If you can still run, see if you can clean-up now that streets are emptier and make sure to use the SAME bag for your shopping.
by Sharon Hayes-Casement 21.04.2020
The lock down has surely shifted our attention to a more balanced , sustainable way of life. We have been busy planting seeds and cultivating vegetables in our little garden, that,combined with adding some wonderful color with spring flowers has been incredibly energizing for the family ......including my pre teenage sons! A great way to shift the attention to something positive and building habits that we will take into the future.
During my time at home, I've been able to go through my wardrobe and clear out what I'm no longer wearing. Instead of sending these pieces to landfill, I'm trying to give them a second life by reselling them on secondhand shopping platforms. Fun fact: Reselling a cotton T-shirt secondhand — versus throwing it away — reduces its carbon impact by 14%!
by Anne 21.04.2020
part of our plasticfree living as a family:
- reuse what we have instead of buying always something new. We re-arranged our homeoffices and bought a used shelf and we even had to built a bee house (part of homeschooling over easter holiday) out of wood left overs and toilet paper rolls.
- we shop at the local farmers place and the zero waste stores in bulk, this also means less contact and no wars around toilet paper in supermarkets
- we also mix own cleaning products (with vinegar and water for example), deodorants and eye balm (for the first time), it was an extra activity for the family, plastic and microbead free..
- we are all in this together - lets change the world together
by Matt Anne 29.04.2020
Mixing your own cleaning products is such a great tip Anne. I tried it this year for the first time and it turns out that strong white vinegar mixed with water and a bit of soap will do most of the limescale removal and window cleaning jobs in the house. :)
by Hannah 21.04.2020
With washing hands being a frequent activity these days I'm trying to stick to using bars of soap instead of bottles to avoid the excess packaging. Also as I'm working from home, I'm conscious of my energy use and am trying to not leave electronics plugged in longer than necessary : )
by Van 21.04.2020
This unprecedented stillness in the economy provides the opportunity to reflect across the spectrum on how and what we consider essential living. Perfect timing to audit habits in the home prior to stepping out into the community and see whether or not goods and services deemed essential are actually good for people and good for planet. You do not to leave home, nor buy anything to be sustainable in mindset !
by Justus 21.04.2020
I've been making my own almond milk at home using a Vitamix. I use the strained out almond meal in protein muffins (for the snacking) so I get all the nutrition, and don't waste any food. I buy my almonds and most other food in bulk, to cut down packaging. It really makes you think about the price of what food costs, and helps you to create more food from fresh ingredients, staying in touch with what you are eating, rather than not knowing with processed foods.
by Juliana Bastidas 21.04.2020
1) Teaching my 4th to building eco brinks by reclycling inside a plastic bottle and the plastic food wraps.

2) Zero left overs.

3) Teaching my 4th year old how this is a very special moment to take care of the planet but staying home and reduce our carbon footprint and showing her videos of the animals and nature feeling free and "recovering" during this time.

by Carolina 21.04.2020
At home we are reutilizing shopping bags, buying only what is required, and placing plastic wrapings in plastic bottles to be send to organizations to produce recycle materials for construction.
by Diana Carolina 21.04.2020
My new habits since this time of reflection:
First of all SLOW my pace
Smell every morning the amazing fresh air from the garden
Buy fruits and veggies from the local farms
Started a high bed to grow some fruits and veggies myself
Tryed out hair soap to avoid plastic bottles
Sensory walks every day to discover my beautiful neighborhood
learned how to use the scooter
Boxes from online purchases became fun material to create new toys (castles, ships, magic boxes)
by Theo Cotton 21.04.2020
During my time at home, I have prepared a vegetable garden and ceased all driving.
by Valerie 22.04.2020
We have finally switched to Lush products (shampoo, conditioner, soap and toothpaste): they fully recycle or refill the packaging ! The kids loves their bamboo toothbrush, and even our dog takes part in our mission to be more mindful: kudos to biodegradable dog poo bags !
Even tough it seems that everyone in Germany is worried about not having enough toilet paper during the crisis, I actually was missing bin liners at home. So I started to use the toilet paper package for that. Works out quite well!
by Kim 22.04.2020
Biking, walking. Not using my car anymore. I think I should get rid of it...
by Lisa 22.04.2020
- I started wearing the same clothes for several days (if they're still good) instead of changing outfits and washing clothes just for fashion reasons

- When I know I'm about to work out I put on clothes which have been "in need for a wash" anyways

- In general: I do not wash my clothes as often saving resources (water/soap/energy).

Also, putting on sportive clothes in the morning ensures that my workout/run is actually going to happen... ;-)
by Maike 22.04.2020
Cycling! I haven't used my car in weeks because my bicycle gets me everywhere I need and want to go right now. Also on the weekends, hiking and cycling are great ways to relax and get some fresh air. It is a limited radius, but you can have a lot of fun in your neighborhood as well!
by Hannah 22.04.2020
I have made some simple swaps to be more environmentally friendly, replacing my plastic toothbrush with a bamboo one and going from vegetarian to plant based. 4 weeks in I feel great and don't miss meat at all!
by Michaela 22.04.2020
We are lucky to live in a rural area where I find it a lot easier to cope with the crisis, versus living in a big city. One challenge that is probably the same everywhere is that yeast is sold out in any store!

Thus, we are now producing our own yeast by taking a bit of beer (out of a barrel of Franconian "Kellerbier" that we take to our local brewery for refills) and "feed" it with water and flour every day. It is then ready to use after approximately 5 days.

The first time we used it was for home-made pizza: in our self built wood oven in our backyard (built out of bricks and clay), fired up with wood from our own little forest that we are fortunate to own and harvest every year. It is a lot of work to "make wood" but very rewarding once it is dry and keeping us warm or heating up the oven!

And the pizza was the best we ever made - thin dough and very tasty!
by Amanda Standley 22.04.2020
We are still rinsing, sorting and storing all recyclables - even though collecting a small mountain outside during lockdown - that will we take to the recycling depot post lock down. We also continue to take our own packets to the store instead of using plastic bags, and then quarantine our bags for a few days after use. We are trying to be conscious of electricity and water consumption while at home. Also great not to use cars except to buy groceries!
by Diana León 22.04.2020
Now I shop my vegetables and fruits in a local market. They bring them home in no plastic bags.
by Yang 22.04.2020
During this time, I read Linkedin everyday to large my eye.
by Ivón Bermúdez 22.04.2020
I started to use the menstrual cup. With this action I am going to reduce 65KG of female waste per year. It is a good time to try new things!
by Felix Buchdrucker 23.04.2020
Hey #Hometeam! Hope you´re all doing well at home. I´ve started doing all of my groceries by feet as well as started cooking for some days in advance through which you can save lots of energy! I´am so happy that we people in Germany are still allowed to go outside for a walk or do sports. Stay strong and stay home! Looking forward to seeing you all soon ;)
by Heidi J 23.04.2020
Spending more time home has given me the chance to give it a go with a houseplant. Sustainable and decorative at one go.
by Darcy 23.04.2020
I'm taking a lot of online professional and special interest virtual classes. Normally, I would have looked for in person classes, where I would have to drive to get there. I never knew there were so many fun classes online!
by Ida 24.04.2020
I'm buying groceries much more consious, both local and ecological. But most of all better at not wasting food. My transportation has drastically reduced and activities are more outdoor based. Unfortunatley I assume that individual electricity use has gone up due to many spending so much time at home. With this crisis we show that we can be even better at caring about each other when needed and that we can make a difference on a global level when we make decisions in favour for humanity and not economy. This means that we should be able in less critical times make high impact but more planned, thought-through decisions in favour for both humanity and economy serving our planets best interest.
by Martin Shankland 24.04.2020
As the weather has warmed up, I have been cycling to work whenever possible. It’s better for the environment, and healthier for me personally as well. I encourage others to incorporate cycling into their regular routine where they can!
by Calvin Chandler 25.04.2020
Buying raw vegetables, chopping them up and storing in reusable ziplock bags rather than continuously buying the already bagged vegetables. They also taste much better 🤪.
by Gaurav 26.04.2020
During the Pandemic, I saw some videos of people waiting in queues to get the food packets given by Government as they cannot earn their day to day food. I did show the videos to my daughters and asked them to take a pledge and not WASTE the food at least, eat whatever you want but don’t waste it. Hopefully their habbit continues after as well.
by Ross Turkus 27.04.2020
Nothing is as convenient as it once was. At first, I noticed that I was making decisions to avoid buying things and use what was at hand to avoid unnecessary exposure. Now more than ever I am appreciating the creativity it takes to re-purpose items or scavenge. I ask myself now if I or my family really need something, or if we can make do....and usually we can. One example is splitting plants and exchanging them with neighbors (at a distance) to build up the garden for the summer.
by Anna B 27.04.2020
To bring some excitement to the home life and to get more vegan insights into baking, I´ve accepted a weekly challenge: Bake a VEGAN cake and share! Never thought, that cake without egg & Co. can be so scrumptious! ..and: baking is an excellent opportunity to keep your kid busy :)
by Vanessa Leto 27.04.2020
This is great! Just over this past weekend we decided to give up the convenience of buying pre-packaged water bottles! That is a ‘landfill save’ of roughy 4,380 plastic bottles annually - and a mind blowing 21,000 plastic bottles that will not hit the landfills over 5 yrs. This is just one family of six people making one small change for a bigger brighter tomorrow. If we all made one small contribution - the benefits are mind blowing! Once I did the math ... it was a no brainer! (6 ppl, 2 bottles a day (on the light side), x 365 days
= 4,380 bottles. #gameplanA #earthday2020 #Sustainability #changinghabits #onesmallchange
by Caro 28.04.2020
During this very special lockdown, I tried to make a positive impact for our planet by:
1- Not using my car anymore but either walk or use my bike to go somewhere,
2- Focusing my food habits on seasonal local vegetables & fruits instead imported food,
3- Reducing electrical consumption by switching off electrical materials & lights when it's not needed.
Small steps quite easy to implement and participating to the bigger impact!

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