Does this sound familiar?

Starting from our early years at school and navigating through our social and workplace environments, many of us are acquainted with similar affirmations that suggest that an individual’s abilities are intrinsically tied to some kind of inner wisdom; a mysterious power that – just like your sense of rhythm — either you have it or you don’t. And while it is true that we all have specific talents, we also have the capacity to learn and excel at everything we put our minds to.

A growth mindset teaches us that with effort, it is possible to increase our abilities, talents, and intelligence. This is the opposite to a fixed mindset, which states that our capacities are static; accepting that success is based on the abilities we currently have and “that’s all we can do”.

One of the best ways to shift our mindset is to tackle the challenge of learning something new. The best kind of challenge is one that requires effort and maybe one that sparks that little voice in our head that says, “I can’t do this” or “this is too difficult for me” or “this is too much effort”. That’s your fixed mindset talking, and we would like you to join us on a journey towards: “I believe I can learn with time, effort and my wholehearted commitment”.

The challenge

We invite you on a journey with us: learning something new in 30 days. Anything goes: A new fitness/sport discipline, online tutorials, books, healthy recipes, mindfulness, crochet… You name it! The only rule is that you must get out of your comfort zone.

We will be dividing the challenge into four stages/weeks, which will allow you, your fellow participants and our coach, to better track your progress and make room for more insightful feedback. 

Breaking your challenges down to smaller parts makes them easier to tackle. ©Hannah Hlavacek

Our objective

Each week, our very own adidas growth mindset advocate Linda Evenhuis, will provide her expertise on the mechanics of building habits that stick. With carefully curated resources and open feedback sessions, she will accompany you and support you throughout the process. 

Additionally, through this challenge we’re creating a virtual platform for the selected participants and their unique backgrounds to come together as a community of likeminded individuals working on their own goals. 

After the Growth Mindset Challenge, your skillset will be enhanced in two main ways: 

  • A learning habit – You will need to capture your progress each week in order to be conscious about how you learn and to help you develop learning habits in the future
  • A health habit – A fitness, sport or wellbeing activity that you can be proud of and get better at, every day. We believe that “Through sport, we have the power to change lives”. That’s our purpose, and we want to share it with you

Terms & Conditions

Participation in the challenge is exclusive to GamePlan A subscribers. If you haven’t sign up yet, please use the sign-up box below. 

Capacity is limited to a small number of people in order to ensure a more dynamic interaction and provide more personal coaching sessions.

You must be an active LinkedIn user. Selected participants will be added to a private and temporary LinkedIn group, which will serve as the main communication platform during the duration of the challenge. 

Participation in the challenge is not associated with any commercial initiatives from adidas and only the participant and her/his own commitment are to be held accountable for the challenge results. 

Submit your application

Send us an email to, using the subject “Subscribe to Growth Mindset Challenge” with the following information:

1. In two sentences, explain why you want to be a part of the Growth Mindset Challenge

2. A link to your LinkedIn profile

By submitting your application, you express your agreement to the above terms and conditions. Once received, further details regarding your participation will be sent by email.

*Update: Registration phase is closed! Subscribe to our Newsletter and don’t miss out on upcoming activations for our GamePlan A community.  

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by Alex A 25.03.2020
by Alexandra Hofbauer 30.03.2020
I just came back from 1 year of paternity leave and find myself now in the situation on finding out what I want to be and where I want to be apart from being a fulltime mum. I want to find out where I my place is in this world and how my skills can contribute to our Society
Diego Montano
Diego Montano | Editor Alexandra Hofbauer 03.04.2020
Hi Alexandra,

Application was open until March 31st, so sadly you wont be able to join us this time around. Please do stay on the lookout for our weekly Newsletter in which we'll promote any upcoming activations.

Diego - on behalf of your GamePlan A team.
by Camille DE ASSUNCAO 30.03.2020
Done !
by Anamika 31.03.2020
I submitted ny application to growth mindset challenge. When does the program start.
by Linda Evenhuis Anamika 02.04.2020
Hi all,
thanks for submitting your applications. On April 1st the selection was made, and if you have not been informed that you are on the challenge, it means that you were not selected. I highly encourage you to do the challenges for yourselves and find an accountability partner. We look forward to any future applications!