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The 3 Home Office Workouts You Can't Miss

Here are our top workout resources to help you stay fit in the home office.

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Are your home office walls already closing in, couch pillows started talking to you and the ten squats you do between Skype meetings not enough anymore? Then it’s probably time for you to innovate your home office workouts.

Being both athletic and business-minded can be exhausting when dealing with a busy work schedule, restricted movement and excess energy.

So, whether your training plans are suffering under limited space, missing equipment or lack of creativity, here are three home office workout resources to get you moving:

1. Make a commitment

If you just started working out again or you’re about to revamp your fitness routine, a workout challenge that helps you commit is always the best place to start.

In this adidas Runtastic home office workout plan, you can personalize your training easily and without spending too much brainpower on them (there are only 3 exercises per workout). All workouts require no equipment, are under 15-minutes and you can easily adjust the intensity to your performance!

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Create a personalized workout plan for yourself at home.

2. Get creative

One of the hardest things about exercising in your home office is that you don’t have a workout partner who pushes you to the next level, holds you accountable and motivates you. That’s why you have to get creative to stay fit.

To make every move count, check out the functional training, Tabata and yoga resources from Reebok, with easy to follow exercises that will innovate your home office workout.

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Creativity and fitness can go hand-in-hand.

3. Join virtually

You’re not alone in your goal to keep moving and stay fit while working from home. There are communities around the world who want to connect.

That’s why adidas is uniting all efforts to helping the hometeam to keep healthy through virtual training sessions and activities that can be done at home. So, whether your home office workout includes HIIT, yoga, meditation, nutrition or something else, the next three months you can join for free to access exercises and training plans.

Girl stretching at home during exercise, home office, workout, sports, training, stretch, fitness, motivation, health, GamePlan A
Stay healthy and motivated with virtual workouts.

What does your preferred home office workout look like? Leave your comments below!


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This is great adivce!
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Love this! Thank you for sharing!
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Great content! This is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. Thanks for your help :)
by Rohit 11.09.2021
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