We’ve all been there, when it hasn’t been your day and you just feel like giving up. Maybe you aren’t achieving your fitness goals as fast as you feel you should, or your career is not progressing the way you want. Finding the willpower to keep going can be difficult.

Here are four inspiring blogs to help get you back on track when you’ve hit your physical or mental wall.

1. Imperfection is more than enough

Young athlete doing exercise outdoors. Feel like giving up, Mindset, GamePlanA

When you are struggling to find motivation its important to take a step back and know that complete perfection is a waste of time. Understanding that no one is perfect and mastering the art of imperfection will help you set achievable goals you can be proud of.  

2. Understand your purpose

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Why are you doing what you’re doing? Once you understand this, it will become much easier to find motivation and drive. As Brooke Rosenbauer explains, letting go of the goals that no longer serve you will set you free and you’ll no longer feel like giving up. 

“True health – both mental and physical – is about trade-offs.”
Brooke Rosenbauer, Reebok employee, Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Health Coach

3. Defy the odds

Two cyclists compete in the ring. Feel like giving up, mindset, GamePlanA
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As someone who never gave up, para-cyclist Denise Schindler’s comeback story might be just the medicine you needLet her determination and drive show you that nothing is impossible if you know how to fight 

4. Live in the now

Young men trains outdoors and cleans up his sweat. Feel like giving up, mindset, training, GamePlanA

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is one thing, being pushed out of it is something else entirely. See how Mohamad Ghobn overcame the odds and why he believes when life hits you, your strength of mind will pick you up 


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by Anu Bhardwaj 15.06.2021
Nice Post. Very Inspiring.