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Jaume Casas – Purpose Coach

Jaume had been working for eight years when he started to notice an itch that he couldn’t scratch. It is a familiar story for many people.

“What happens when a person feels insignificant, feels too small? That’s an interesting question. It’s probably the case that something is not working. I’ve been there. I had a moment in my life when I lacked confidence at work and I said, ‘Something isn’t right.’ I was not connected with my passions.”

Jaume realized that he needed to find a way of connecting more with people and so he trained as a purpose coach, started using his coaching skills alongside his regular job, and finally transitioned to being a purpose coach full-time.

“I like to work with people, I like to help people. That’s part of my mission, empowering people to fulfill their dreams and empowering people to really heal themselves through the emotions, through the body.

When a person comes to me and says, ‘You know, I don’t feel that I will do something big in this world.’”