Finding your voice as a female athlete is not always easy. Being judged not for your skill but your gender or the way you look is frustrating but it’s time to stand up and break out. From tennis stars, CrossFit athletes and women in the know, here are seven blogs that will help you take on the haters.

1. Scrapping the stereotypes

crossfit woman athlete weight lifting motivation

While society might suggest there is only one way to look womanly, female athlete and CrossFit queen Miriam Krug believes otherwise. Read Miriam’s letter to the haters that question her looks and motivation.

2. Taking from the game changers

Woman running marathon pioneer motivation. GamePlan A

In 1967, Kathrine Switzer became the first female athlete to officially run the Boston Marathon. Despite the challenges, she persevered. Let her fearlessness help you find your own courage to take on the boundaries you might face, in sport as in life. Read her story here.

3. Knowing your self-worth

Confident black girl. GamePlanA

Women over-apologize. Learn why Hannah Sellers believes it’s time we stop undermining our self-worth. Read her 4 Tips to Kick Your ‘Sorry Habit’ and take ownership of your ideas.

4. Being like Billie

Billie Jean tennis player adidas assets gear. GamePlanA

Billie Jean King: An international tennis star who challenged the status quo by playing (and beating) Bobby Riggs in three sets, proving that gender is not everything.

Take inspiration from Billie’s approach and never shy away from showing the world that women are just as talented and as capable as men.

5. Fighting prejudice

Champion adidas female boxer motivation. GamePlan A, Female atheles

As a female athlete, facing unfair scrutiny and prejudice because of gender shouldn’t distract you from focusing on your goals… it certainly hasn’t stopped pro boxer Ornella Wahner. Read how she is punching prejudice in the face and maybe you’ll learn how to do the same.

6. Removing bias

Female leader strategy teamwork workplace. GamePlanA, Female Atheles

Picture a group of players on a football pitch or a group of business leaders in a meeting room. What gender do you see? Jinny Lim tackles the issue of unconscious bias.

7. Be strong and belong

Female Team sport female atheles. GamePlanA

Feeling strong and empowered comes from feeling like you belong. For teenage girls in sports this feeling can be hard to find. But as two members of New Zealand’s Black Ferns explain, sport is so much more than a game and keeping girls and women in sports is about keeping them empowered throughout their whole lives.


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by Kevin Raney 20.02.2020
Thank your for sharing. These blogs will inspire every athlete. Women should never have to apologize. I am so grateful they are leading the conversation and showing everyone what fearless compassion looks like for tomorrow’s artists, athletes and leaders.