A new year gives you a clean break from the last, so it’s time to get up, get out and make your dreams a reality. Check out these five must-read blogs to help you on your new year’s journey to achieving your personal and career goals.

1. Taking the first step

man smiling pointing three fingers jack wu working abroad dream career

Getting going is never easy, in fact it can be pretty daunting, and the journey might not always be smooth. Read Jack Wu’s personal story and see how his career path was driven by listening to his heart and being fully devoted to his dreams.

2. Learn to dream big

Stan Smith smiles as he looks into the camera

See why Stan Smith believes you should never be afraid to set dream goals in order to get want you want. In fact, the bigger you dream the more likely you might be to succeed… after all if you aim for the moon you will always land in the stars.

3. Appreciate the journey

Maria Taylor talking on stage at the adidas HQ in Germany. ESPN, career, TV host, college basketball, women, GamePlan A, Speaker Series

It’s not always easy to achieve your goals and the path to success is never straight forward. ESPN’s Maria Taylor explains how you can use your journey to help better understand why you have chosen your career path and what your purpose in achieving your career goals really means.

4. Confidence is key

Low angle view of woman standing against modern skyscrapers and blue sky in city at sunrise. relocation, city, confidence, international, working abroad, GamePlan A

When looking to achieve your career goals, confidence is key. Fareen Abdullah shares how she gained confidence during her career journey and why making confident and bold decisions is the key to unlocking your career potential.

5. Making a great first impression

A pair of giant adidas Superstar sneakers standing on the ground in front of the adidas offices in Portland, GamePlan A

So, you’ve just landed in a new role? Check out Rich Efrus’ post on how to make a successful first impression when you join a new team.  From networking to being open to feedback these tips will help you grow into your next career step.


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by Rich Scully 09.01.2020
What a superb article.

It's positive reading, it's infectious positivity and any part of it could really help an individual; myself included.

Thanks to those who put this together. It's easy reading that puts the mind in good frame - keep these coming!
by Jim 10.01.2020
Congratulations, very insteresting information
by Christophe Romary 25.01.2020
I have just red a couple of articles on your CEO KASPER RORSTED. Very inspiring. Realizing I have many common views and values, I would like to join Adidas's Team. Could you please put me in touch with your recruiting team? I am passionate about sports and equipment, with an extensive work experience in managing teams and achieving the best results. I am convinced I could bring a lot to Adidas and make a difference. Thank you in advance and best regards,
Nina Weihrauch
Nina Weihrauch | Editor Christophe Romary 17.03.2020
Hi Christophe,

thanks for your comment and your interest in working with adidas.
You can find all open jobs and more info around working for us here: https://careers.adidas-group.com/

All the best




5 Must-Read Blogs to Help you Achieve Your New Year's Career Goals - Jobs News


5 Must-Read Blogs to Help you Achieve Your New Year's Career Goals - WeIntern