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Find out what NBA superstar Donovan Mitchell believes are the essential ingredients for success.

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Having followed an unconventional path to the NBA, Donovan’s belief ‘Determination Over Negativity’ reminds us that anything is possible, no matter who you are or where you come from.

Here are the three words that define success for basketball star Donovan Mitchell:

1. Determination

The key for me is continuing to push through. Being hardworking never comes easy, but as long as you understand that, you’ll be successful.
During college in ‎Louisville‎, at times I didn’t play and that’s what forced me to become better. In difficult situations, you can either go back home and call it quits or you can push and fight your way through.
There are times in life where things hit you and knock you down – that’s when you have to get back up.

2. Loyalty

My mom and my sister sacrificed a lot for me to be here. Especially my mom. She could have just looked out for herself or given us the bare minimum, but that was unacceptable in her eyes.

“Everything in life happens for a reason.”
Donovan Mitchell, basketball player

Instead, she went out and found ways to give us a lot. That’s why I’m constantly trying to give back. Not only financially, but by showing my family unconditional love, loyalty and gratitude every day.

They helped me through the highs and lows, and we got through it because everything in life happens for a reason.

All I went through, got me where I am today. I developed the mindset I have now after my injury. Breaking my wrist made me realize how much I love the game. Everything I went through got me to where I am now, and I’ll be forever grateful.

That’s why I think it’s important to inspire kids, because I was that kid. I looked up to so many athletes as role models. Whether it’s giving back to my community or just stopping the car to wave at kids who are wearing my shirt – being in a position to do that now is huge.

3. Humility

In 10th grade, I started to get cocky, I thought I was the best player on the team. That’s when I started to do things I wouldn’t normally do to show off. In that same year, I broke my wrist. That’s when it hit me: you have to always be humble.

You never know when it can end, so I cherish every moment.

Every time you come to work, check your ego at the front door. For me, it was the door to the gym. Being around so many great athletes humbles you and allows you to understand, you need to put in as much work as they do, if not more.

Some guys are different, they need that ‘I’m the best’ mindset, and I do have it. But I’m not going out to say it every day.

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