Since the wave hit me, I can hardly imagine a world in which I’m going for a run without tuning into a podcast show, or hitting the road without blasting an audiobook out in my car. Podcasting as a content platform is growing at an incredible speed, holding the attention of its consumers like no other. But why are podcasts so sought-after and what makes them particularly attractive for business athletes like you and me?

1. Consume information on the move

Most of us are constantly on the move. Do you find enough time to read a book or watch a documentary to deep-dive into a topic of your interest? Probably not.

As podcasts are mobile, they can be consumed flexibly and on the go. While it’s difficult to watch a YouTube video on your commute into work, you can easily download the latest episode of your favorite podcast. What do you need? Your headphones. No inconvenient devices to hold at a particular angle, zooming into content or adjusting the light when you’re outdoors.

Podcasts allow you to consume content on demand. You can listen to them anywhere at any time. Just activate automatic downloads for subscribed shows so, whenever you like, you can tune into your favorite program.

female athlete working out while listening to podcast adidas phone holder
Podcasts give you the chance to learn on the go for instance while working. out

2. Boost your growth mindset

Obsessed with educating yourself and optimizing your performance? Podcasts are great for someone who’s ambitious and always looking for opportunities to improve – both personally and professionally.

You’ll find a large selection of peak performance, personal development, and growth mindset podcasts to pick from. With around 29 million episodes, there’s probably no skill set or industry which doesn’t have its own collection of podcasts, so if you’d like to advance in a specific field, podcasts can be a great source of in-depth information and discussions.

Being ambitious, you are probably a keen reader, or at least you’d like to be. The most successful business women and men read for about 30 minutes to an hour in the mornings, up to 50 books a year or even 500 pages a day! Yet where’s the time for such conscious content consumption?

The good news is that Jim Kwik suggests we consume information faster by listening than reading, as the average person still reads at the level of a six-year-old. So, let’s talk about time.

3. Optimize your time

While you might not have time to read a 400-page book, you can probably still listen to a discussion with the author, especially when she’s telling the stories behind the story. Because, who doesn’t appreciate educative entertainment.

Podcasts are a great time saver. You can tune in on your way to work, while you cook or swap your workout playlist with a motivational podcast! Podcasts are an excellent way to make the best out of brainless or on-the-go tasks. Just think about all the time you lose on running errands!

4. Overcome a creative block

When you find yourself in a creative block, you most likely try to shuffle yourself free by tuning into YouTube videos, fanatically skimming articles, or scrolling through images. Nevertheless, this content overflow often takes you from seeking inspiration, to enduring desperation. This is because you’ve flooded your mind with so much content that your mental memory card overflows.

Without visual distractions, your brain is free to think.

female athlete working out while listening to podcast adidas phone case
Listening may actually help you to absorb more information.

Apart from stories, podcasts often consist of conversations, making you explore a topic from various angles. This sparks imaginative judgment and gives you diverse insights to unlock your creative genius.

5. Plug in, zone out: mindful consumption

With all the love for ambition, and eagerness we have to hack our lives for growth, we should never forget to keep in balance. Mindfulness is key if you want to grow sustainably.

Often we try to consume content while working out or brainstorming for a new project. Multi-tasking is often misused, leaving us hanging with loss of focus and awareness. While we always want to outperform, we also need to learn how to stay in the here and now.

That’s why you shouldn’t forget to turn your devices off once in a while or, when consuming content, choose meditation and mindfulness podcasts.

Just as muscles grow during rest periods, be sure to grant your brain some off-time.

6. Join your team

female athlete working out while listening to podcast adidas primeblue outfit
Podcasts can help you connect to likeminded people, both online and offline.

While listening to your favorite show, you might have the feeling a friend is talking to you. That’s because audio is of a more ‘intimate’ nature than video or visuals.

You put your headphones on and zone into your personal bubble. It builds relationships with the hosts because they’re speaking to you. Their voices become a part of your life and their content is often so niche that you will find likeminded people amongst the podcast’s fans.

Having produced podcasts myself, I understand how closely a host can relate to their audience. More often than not, you discover your new favorite podcast through a friend’s recommendation, and that’s how it should be. Podcasts are great to find your tribe and build a community around a topic that excites you!

Have you explored podcasts yet and, if yes, what makes you tune in regularly? Would love to hear your experiences in the comments below!


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