Employers consistently rank leadership as one of the top soft skills they need most in their employees. In addition to confidence, dedication, and integrity, a healthy mind and body are a few of the many qualities that make up a great leader.

While working full-time, it can be difficult to find the time to exercise regularly. But improving your overall physical and mental health will give you the energy and self-esteem to become a better leader and, therefore, a more valuable employee.

With enough hard work and perseverance, anyone can improve their physical fitness. The same can be said for leadership – everyone has the potential within them to become a great leader.

Exercise improves mental clarity

A leadership position is a demanding and stressful job in which you may face tough decisions on a daily basis. This is where fitness can help. A study by the University of British Columbia proves that aerobic exercise gets the blood flowing and enables the hippocampus to grow, boosting verbal learning and memory skills.

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Getting active will help you beat the stress. ©John Fedele/Blend Images/Getty Images

Regular workouts reduce the stress of leadership

Further research by the Mayo Clinic explains the link between frequent exercise and stress reduction – the release of endorphins that comes from a workout provides you with more energy and confidence throughout the day.

A healthy, well-balanced diet is beneficial to your overall health and well-being. You will be less likely to become sick, therefore missing fewer days of work. A person who is physically and mentally well is better suited to face the difficulties that come with a leadership position. Exercising and clearing your mind of stress also allows you to tap into your creative side – sparking new ideas or innovative business strategies.

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Physical fitness shows determination and commitment

While anyone can become a supervisor or manager, it takes a dedicated individual to achieve the highest level of leadership, and inspire others to reach their greatest potential. A strong leader is a well-rounded individual, who exemplifies the qualities of determination and commitment in both their personal and professional lives.

A person who maintains a healthy level of physical fitness has demonstrated that they can set personal goals and hold themselves accountable. Every business will experience setbacks or declining sales. An effective leader maintains workplace morale and motivates their team to continue to work toward the company’s vision and goals.

Whether or not you are currently in a position of authority, you are a member of your community or workplace, and your leadership skills are highly valued. When you care about your physical and mental well-being, you demonstrate to others that you already possess many of the qualities of a great leader – accountability, dedication, and the ability to make good decisions.


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by Denise Arias 09.07.2019
Love this article. Working out before work definitely gives me the energy and alertness to get through my work day.
by Neelish 04.09.2019
I notice a significant reduction in alertness, clarity and motivation if I miss a workout. It can be anything - cardio, cycle commute, weights-power session or even yoga.

Just move!
by Rina Mad 05.10.2019
Good articles to read
by James Rimmer 27.11.2019
I agree healthy body , mind and spirit is rooted in physical fitness . Equally a healthy balanced plant based caffeine free , tobacco and alcohol free diet is a key element .
Knowledge added to the first two gives one a edge in the 21st Century . This is the future what universal man will embrace. The dawning has begun ; are you up for the challenge ?
by Jwa 09.02.2020
Really useful
by Cynthia Dunlap 18.09.2020
Thanks for sharing the informative article.



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