You have to get a new creative project rolling and you’re wondering whether you should stay at home, hop to a coffee shop, or check out a co-working space.

When I lived in cities like Kuala Lumpur, Madrid or London, I made it my mission to explore new creative spaces almost weekly. I figured that my brain, just like any other muscle, had to be exercised for it to work to its highest potential.

In my second month at adidas, I’m challenging myself to train that muscle by finding the most creative spaces to work.

Can the 54-hectare campus in the idyllic surroundings of Southern Germany compete with the hustle and bustle of the big cities?

1. Sourcing inspiration in the ‘MakerLab’

Creativity means making things, exploring new ideas and looking at challenges from different angles. Nothing embodies this better than our makers. So the first creative space that I set myself to work in was the adidas MakerLab.

Monday morning 9am, I’m greeted with wide arms and a “come, come, come” to a space full of colours, materials, mannequins, sewing machines, 3D printers and more.

It doesn’t take long until the first creators come in and start tossing around patterns and sketches while whistling along to tunes on the speakers or in their heads.

Sitting rather quietly, writing out content drafts, I’m coming up with different concepts to those I had envisioned. I guess inspiring creative spaces help you think differently.

We often think that only artists can be creative, but the reality is that they simply know (and use) the right techniques. When you use different parts of your brain at once, it trains your creative muscle.

We all can adapt this technique, by activating physical sensations (touching), hand-eye coordination (such as handcrafting) or inspirational senses (listening to audio or watching a video).

Adidas Makerlab - Sina Port - Brand Communicator - Creative Spaces - Gameplan A - Adidas Blog

Creativity is not about making things perfect; it’s about trying new things and challenging your brain to solve problems.

What this space gave me was an understanding that everyone is a creator. You just have to get into an environment that is open-minded, adaptive and that welcomes all forms of creativity.

2. Finding peace in nature

Creatives come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. I grew up in the countryside, so my inspiring creative space was often found in nature.

As someone who works a lot with her laptop, it can get frustrating to look at a screen when you’re trying to find inspiration. To change up environments, I took my laptop with me outside.

Nature can help you get inspired, overcome creative blocks, increase your brain function and improve your mental health. It’s definitely a challenge to find spaces to work outdoors, as the power of nature comes in many forms – a blazing sun, a cool breeze or the friendly insects visiting your workspace. But what was a real liberation for me was being able to choose freely.

I moved around the campus to different spaces – some in the shade, some in the sunlight, and some just to walk and be astonished by.

Like my colleague said:

“Honestly, nothing beats a stroll over the spring-infused campus to take a breath and re-energize my brain before having to tackle a creative task at my desk. Yesterday, I watched the ducklings dabbling in the water and mama-duck breeding to more eggs. It’s definitely the best natural distraction from daily work stress.” – Hannah Hlavacek

This is backed up by studies at Stanford University, who found out that we’re 60% more creative when we walk outside. Consider the ability to move around when choosing a creative space.

Adidas Campus Herzogenaurach - Outdoor Working - Adidas shoes on wood with Adidas batch and laptop - Sina Port - Brand Communicator - Creative Spaces - Gameplan A - Adidas Blog

What this space gave me was a calm mind, as nature brings peace into your packed-up consciousness. Inspiring creative spaces help you free your mind.

Expose your eyes to diverse types of nature to just think. Without pressuring your thoughts to find solutions, simply let them float around.

3. Challenging the home office

To take advantage of our ‘Off-Campus’ flexible working policy, I’m challenging my home office to its creative potential.

Trying out different tips from creators on how to DIY your ideal creative space, here are my favourites:

  1. Morning routines activate your inner creator.
    Especially those which don’t include electronics. So I stayed offline in exchange for drinking tea, eating dates and reading a book.
  2. Minimalism sparks creativity.
    Why? Because creativity takes energy, and to save as much energy for the creative flow as possible, you need a space which doesn’t distract you. That’s why I tidied out my home office to create an environment that is clean and simple.
  3. Exercise.
    To really get my ideas flowing, I tried a new yoga routine which got me out of my comfort zone and helped me to energize for the day.

You might be thinking ‘what do these things have remotely to do with creative work?’

We often think creatives are buzzing around, always on the go. But the truth is, reading, hydrating, exercising and clearing up your space before you get to work not only gives you a fresh start, it relaxes both your body and mind to spark creative ideas for the day.

Adidas Home Office - Sina Port - Brand Communicator - Creative Spaces - Gameplan A - Adidas Blog

What this space showed me was that inspiring creative spaces are unique to everyone.

As exercising especially was a powerful tool for me, I decided to take it to another level.

4. Finding freedom by working out

When you feel pressured, fearful or restless, your creativity usually goes down the drain.
As exercise improves mood and sleep, and reduces stress and anxiety, it seemed like the perfect fix to boost my creativity.

My mission for the day was to work out on and off the campus as much as possible. This included the enormous stadium, the beautiful fields around the area and of course the adidas gym.

Physical activity makes us happier and energetic and is, therefore, a great source of creativity. So, I went out to sweat my muscles and my brain cells.

Adidas Gym Herzo - Shoes, Notebook and Waterbottle - Sina Port - Brand Communicator - Creative Spaces - Gameplan A - Adidas Blog

Later, my colleague Shaba picked me up for a run through the woods. Not only did this push my heart rate up, but our conversation incited a new project.

Let’s see what else collaboration can bring.

5. Sparking innovation through collaboration

Collaborative workplaces fuel creativity by bringing together completely diverse influences. So I thought I could produce a creative breakthrough by joining forces with others.

I took the chance to brainstorm, meet, interview and create with others in the many meeting spaces here on campus.

Starting with a team meeting on the newest creative concepts, I then jumped my way to our new office building ‘Arena’ with my colleague Matt to toss around ideas on our new podcast concept for content on the go. Afterward, I recorded interviews with several colleagues to pick their brains on the future of work and how everyone can integrate creativity, collaboration, and confidence in their workplace.

All in all, I used an incredible variety of creative spaces from meeting rooms to brainstorming outdoors to make the most of the diverse team areas available.

Adidas Shoe Creation - Meeting Spaces - Collaboration - Sina Port - Brand Communicator - Creative Spaces - Gameplan A - Adidas Blog

This experience convinced me that for inspiring creative spaces, collaborative areas are a must. Collaboration promotes healthy competition, keeps egos in check, and helps to focus on a shared goal. It empowers creative collisions.

What did I learn from my adidas campus experiment? It doesn’t matter whether you are in a big city or the countryside. What’s essential is:

Inspiring creative spaces give you freedom. They let you explore, they’re unique to each of us, they challenge you and they foster collaboration.

How does your inspiring creative space look? Would love for you to share in the comments below!

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by Phil 23.05.2019
Interesting, I find it very inspiring to find the perfect balance between creativity and surroundings.
by Sina Phil 24.05.2019
Hi Phil,

You are right, it is about finding the balance that fits your personality. It's a challenge especially when you like to move around, but it is definitely worth exploring!
Hi Sina,

I love your article. I usually have the best ideas during a run.
And I also like to change working spaces during the day. It always gives me new energy.

by Sina Lisa Schneider 24.05.2019
Hi Lisa,

Thank you! That's the beauty of choice, to find the best spaces that work for you individually at certain times a day. We often forget that we are not the same person, with the same energy, mood, and needs throughout the entire day. A really great perspective! Thanks, Lisa

by Sylvia Lohmaier 23.05.2019
It`s a pleasure to have you in our department.
by Sina Sylvia Lohmaier 24.05.2019
I'm so grateful for working with the team! Thank You especially, Sylvia
by Julia 24.05.2019
Hi Sina - great article! Love the GIFs and the insight, that freedom is the critical ingredient for creativity to flow. My personal favorite spot for creative work and inspiration is this cafe in
Brooklyn, NYC:
by Sina Julia 24.05.2019
Hi Julia,

Thank you that's so nice to hear! Freedom is really one of the important aspects we often forget (both in choice and in movement).
Julia, this place is beautiful! It even has nature built into the environment! I definitely see what inspires you about the place! It's lovely and I'd love to visit it sometime. Thank you for sharing!
by Arslan Avakov 27.05.2019
Love your article! My creative space is more of an aftertaste instead of working right then and there. I like going for a workout when things get too stressful and I cannot focus and focus for me breeds creativity. After a workout out my mind is incredibly calm and collected and ready to take on more. Things seem more manageable.
Sina Port
Sina Port | Staff Arslan Avakov 01.10.2020
Hi Arslan. It's interesting to see how you can shape creative spaces so uniquely to yourself. I agree, focus often enables the creative flow, and a workout definitely can ”empty the vessel” so you can get your thoughts straight. Thank You for sharing!
by Alexandra 28.05.2019
Hi Sina,
I love your article. I usually have the best ideas when I am in nature.
We have such a big and beautiful campus at the WOS . I just wish there were benches, tables and chairs outside, maybe even under trees for working/meeting. Specially when it gets very hot in laces during summer time, it would be a great idea and people could change working spaces during the day and have more energy and a fresh mind.
Sina Port
Sina Port | Staff Alexandra 01.10.2020
Alexandra can only agree, it's so calming under these big trees here in the HQ, and you can really choose which place fits your mood on that day best!
by Chris 29.05.2019
by Christina R 03.06.2019
Hi Sina!
Great article summarizing ways to stay creative!
Appreciate you taking the time to write that.
Sina Port
Sina Port | Staff Christina R 01.10.2020
Hi Christina!

Love your feedback. Truly enjoyed writing about creativity.
What's your favorite creative space?
by jo podolanski 05.06.2019
Great article Sina.............fresh air, birds singing and a slight breeze helps the mind re focus
Sina Port
Sina Port | Staff jo podolanski 01.10.2020
Hi Jo!

You are right, it's a true relief for re-setting your mind!
by Alex Ahom 05.06.2019
Getting in the right space is vital. Both your surroundings and your headspace, love this article.
Sina Port
Sina Port | Staff Alex Ahom 01.10.2020
Thanks Alex! Appreciate your feedback. It's so important to remember that the physical and the mind work together and should complement each other.