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Top 7 Reads to Develop a Growth Mindset

To mark GamePlan A’s third birthday, we share our top posts to help you develop a growth mindset.

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A Growth Mindset Journey

When you want to achieve greatness, you’ll tend to fail more often than you succeed. You’re working hard, training, sweating but you can’t avoid the defeats and throw-backs.

How can you overcome the natural reaction of distress and self-doubt? How can you develop a growth mindset to reverse your perception from ‘failed’ to ‘not yet’?

In the past three years, we’ve grown from merely an idea to a strong community of like-minded athletes, spreading the values of sport into business. With that growth in mind, we’ve gathered the top posts we believe will help you further develop a growth mindset:

1. Overcome your fears

The greatest business athletes of all time did not travel life on a straight road. What does success really look like?

Experiencing defeat can spark learnings, expand your comfort zone and give you a base upon which to grow. Adventure athlete and inspirational speaker Marcus Leach shares with us how to abandon your fears to develop a growth mindset.

Check out the full story on how to put your fears aside and go for gold.

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2. Get to know yourself better

“You are what you do regularly.” We all think our habits define who we are and what we can become, but do you really know yourself well enough to understand which behaviors lift you up and which hold you down?

There is never going to be one key that unlocks everyone’s full potential. To get into a growth mindset, you first need to explore what your default mindset is. Are you a questioner, rebel, upholder or obliger?

Check out the full story on the key to successful habit change.

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3. Invest in your development

Do you want to succeed? Invest in yourself. You wouldn’t expect your body to be able to run a marathon without training for it.

Explore how a former adidas intern’s growth mindset has shaped his development journey.

Check out the full story on why it’s worth investing in your own development.

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4. Learn from failure

Success is not defined by the absence of failure. Instead, see failure as an opportunity to bounce back stronger. Quite often, we set our own challenges and overcoming them offers an opportunity to raise our own standards.

Explore how the author of ‘A Letter to My Younger Self’ believes failure will help you to achieve your goals. “Failure is a learning opportunity to improve me and others.

Check out the full story on why failure is a part of your process to fulfill your purpose.

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5. From personal to professional success

We often confuse what it takes to develop professionally versus personally. Can we equate one growth with the other?

A growth mindset is essential for all areas of our lives, but where does it start – at work, at the gym or at home? Learn how to boost your professional success through physical and mental self-development.

Check out the full article on how personal development feeds professional success.

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6. Stay motivated to reach your goals

We all strive to be better at what we do. Setting goals is a great way to focus on your growth, measure your performance, motivate yourself and overcome the state of ‘visualizing’ to ‘getting’ what you want.

Runtastic’s Tina Ornezeder explains how she benefits from setting herself realistic goals and taking things step-by-step.

Check out the full story on how to stay motivated with five easy tips for reaching your goals.

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7. Explore the signs of success

I’m a product of my circumstances, right? Wrong. There is much more to success than what situations we encounter throughout our lives.

A winning mindset comes with taking chances, reframing losses, respecting the process and welcoming feelings.

Check out the full article to get to know the success signs.

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What helped you to develop a growth mindset in your life? Share your experiences and favorite GamePlan A posts in the comments below.


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by Frank 30.04.2019
What a great list. I'd definitely add "A SIMPLE DAILY ROUTINE TO KEEP YOUR MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH IN TOP SHAPE" by Tomas Laurinavicius; because it showcases well how far you can push your growth mindset. https://www.gameplan-a.com/2017/08/simple-daily-routine-keep-mental-physical-health-top-shape/
Sina Port
Sina Port | Staff Frank 03.05.2019
Hi Frank! Thanks for the link, this is one of my favorite articles. It's super hands-on and inspires to think beyond. Appreciate your feedback!
by Melih 02.05.2019
by Aoki Kazuhito 03.05.2019
Good morning. I am Japanese and my name is Aoki Kazuhito. Well, I will deliver a message to my adidas company! I have survived countless mistakes repeatedly. The number of mistakes is not done in tens of times! The gift that I learned in that failure [There is a failure to succeed! 】 From the beginning [This can not be done because it fails] [This is not because this fails because from the beginning] The thought circuit will not be able to walk on the path with its own potential! That's why I think on the premise of failure, [Now! Do you fail! 】 From the beginning 【If you are thinking about making mistakes, you will feel better! 】 【Failure! 】 If you think of the moment you are successful I think that the joy of your own success leads to the power-up! That's why you have to make mistakes again and again and again and finally, you should be able to lead to great success! 【This is all my way of thinking! I'm sorry. PS I can not speak English, so I will translate this with my smartphone translation application and send this message. If translation fails [if it fails! 】I'm sorry. 良いお知らせを、お待ちしております!
Sina Port
Sina Port | Staff Aoki Kazuhito 03.05.2019
Hi Aoki Kazuhito, thank you for comment! Don't worry at all it's amazing that you took the time to formulate and translate an answer, I really appreciate that!

You are very right, there is a failure that leads you to success and if you understand that that's the only way it really gives you motivation to keep going. There hasn't been anyone successful who didn't fail to come where she/he is. That should be proof enough to re-think our belief about not succeeding in the first try.
Would really know what was the turning point where you recognized that!
by Mohamed Faiyaz Xec 04.05.2019
I believe in Adi Vision and Mission.
Sina Port
Sina Port | Staff Mohamed Faiyaz Xec 22.05.2019
Great to hear!
by Camila Alves Baptistela Jankovitz 14.05.2019
Great article !!


We speak about growth mindset but often we come across thoughts and feelings opposed to this that should be reviewed. Remember that defeats and difficulties are just steps to the victory is something very important !!
by Sina Port Camila Alves Baptistela Jankovitz 14.05.2019
Thank you Camila!

It's true! The best growth journey begins by failing fast and often. That's how we humans learn and it enriches our experience as well! How boring would the journey be if it would be easy!

Great points!

First time here?