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Creative Leaders Seek Positive Impact [VIDEO]

Footwear development director Martin Love leads through rational innovation. His goal: to enable creative thought and action.

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Leadership Culture Series

A football manager may have the urge to go out and score a goal or defend a corner, but they never actually run to the pitch and do it – they trust the team to deliver. In his role as Director Development Footwear at adidas Football, Martin Love shares some insights into his leadership qualities and how he gives guidance and advice to his team.

Highlighting diversity of thought, Martin tries to encourage his team to naturally weave creativity into their everyday jobs, reminding that creativity is a mindset, not a type of person.  

“A new idea does not always lead to success,” says Martin. “A new idea can have a positive impact, it can have a negative impact, but it can also make no difference at all.” Regarding execution, he advises to focus on the positive impact the idea can have on the organization, then present it with facts, tell a compelling story, and deliver a plan for implementing the idea.

Watch the 5-minute video to learn more about Martin’s thoughts on creativity and leadership. For more inspirationtake a look at the 3Cs Behind Great Leadership. 

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