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Team Collaboration Requires Trust & Accountability [VIDEO]

Do you have a great idea but don’t know how to loop in others? Former HR leader Diana Styles talks about how collaboration gets you results.

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“In a winning culture, team collaboration is crucial. Everyone understands who they are as a player on the team and what they bring forward to make the team win,” says Diana Styles, former Senior Vice President for HR Global Sales & Brand at adidas.

Winning, she clarifies, of course doesn’t mean competing with your colleagues – winning means aligning internally as a team so you’re set to compete externally.

In her coaching-focused leadership role, Diana knows how important it is to bring people into your new ventures and decision making. Starting with a seed of an idea, a collaborative leader goes out to find the right partners, the diverse voices that need to be part of the conversation, and who can help the idea grow.

Another essential part to delivering on collaboration is accountability.

In the 4-minute video below Diana shares further thoughts on collaboration in the leadership space. Learn more about the topic in our in-depth leadership feature.

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Community comment on collaborative leadership: collaboration, management, GamePlan A
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Community comment on collaborative leadership: team projects, collaboration, team, winning, goal, GamePlan A
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by Alex 18.03.2019
This is what I call - learning and leading by doing 👍🏽
by Nina Weihrauch (Editor) Alex 18.03.2019
Thanks for your comment, Alex!
What was your key takeaway from our interview with Diana? Did you define any action steps for yourself? :)
Curious to hear more!


by Thando Mayekiso 26.03.2019
Good day team Adidas

my name is Thando Mayekiso from sunny South Africa and im a fan and lover of the brand. I would like to add a new but creative way of selling the brand that is innovative. Adidas being a sport brand and a street culture brand that fuses music, art and creativity. My idea is simple just like how Jay-z presold his album on Samsung devices before the actual release date. I was thinking we do the same with the brand using QR codes. Any artist of your choice that is good for the brand could pre sell their album through a limited edition clothing item i.e a shirt, tracksuit , cap etc with a QR code for the album. example If Drake is about to release a new album it will be only available at Adidas store via a limited clothing item 3 days or a week before release date if customers buy a certain clothing item.

looking forward to hearing from you. will also send the idea to my South African adidas team.

Thando Mayekiso (+27 84 055 0618) lets Innovate this year.
by Jorge Luis Ramírez 20.05.2020
Hello, my name is Jorge Luis.
I loved the platform and the videos of this training to be a good leader and be able to continue growing in the adidas company at a job level.
I really hope to continue receiving more information that is very supportive for job growth.
Thank you.
by Nina Weihrauch Jorge Luis Ramírez 20.05.2020
Hi Jorge,
thanks for your comment. That's great to hear. Did you check out the big leadership feature on GamePlan A yet:
I loved to take the leadership check-in to see what "C" I should focus on at the moment.
I'm keen to hear what your key learnings of the story have been?

by William Kevin Wilson 16.07.2021

First time here?