When you stop for a minute and look at how you’re going to go about achieving your goals, think about the kind of person who inspires you to succeed? We see top athletes taking home the gold medal or a team securing the top spot in the league, we see them in all their glory. Mission accomplished and they’re on top of the world.

At that very moment, it’s easy to forget about the journey – the route to success – as it’s all about ‘the now.’

It takes time, commitment, and focus to get to the top. It’s a process that will involve overcoming challenges and obstacles, but at the same time will teach you some incredibly valuable lessons along the way.

We know that it isn’t always the beginning or the end that is most important, but rather the bit in-between. We’ve compiled some of our favorite inspirational quotes that show how hard work pays into achieving your goals.

1. There’s always room to improve

motivational quote, you have to go through the process of trying to become better...to get to what I call my

Following Stan Smith’s advice, remember to think about the steps you need to take in order to achieve your goals. Rather than focusing only on the ‘what’, take a step back and think about the ‘how’.

It might be useful to set yourself targets to keep yourself on the right path. A series of smaller goals will help you move forward bit by bit. Keep track of your progress as you get closer to achieving your goals.

The key to this is the idea of self-development. Take some time to think about how you can grow and improve. Plan out new ways to boost your skills to become the best version of yourself and remember that learning happens through trial and error, and that failure is a vital part of the journey.

2. Achieving your goals can inspire and motivate others

motivational quote, hard work earns respect and ranking, Stan Smith, GamePlan A

If you consistently demonstrate a strong work ethic and show the effort you put into achieving your goals, those around you will not only respect you, but aspire to be like you as well. International tennis icon Alexander Zverev knows that while having a passion and a goal is a great starting point determination and grit are fundamental ingredients that separate the players and the winners.

Don’t give up at the first hurdle. If you stay focused, give it your best shot and push through until the end, those around you will recognize and respect your efforts. Who knows, maybe your steadfast attitude and hard work will make you someone’s role model one day.

3. Step outside your comfort zone

motivational quote, we all want to be bad-asses in every aspect of our lives, but it's never going to happen if we're always on autopilot, Adriene Mishler, GamePlan A

Let’s face it – when we get used to how things are, it’s easy to stop caring about our actions. We switch on autopilot and just sit back.

Adriene Mishler believes that simply going through the motions isn’t enough to help you in achieving your goals. Reaching your end goal means you need to be willing to take risks and step outside your comfort zone. Only when you stop letting fear, anxiety, and the safety of familiarity hold you back will you start to make those major breakthroughs in life.

You might find that having a solid plan can help to push those boundaries. Be clear about what you’re aiming to overcome and then focus your energy on how to maximize your strengths to do so.

4. Step away from the sidelines

motivational quote, be a playmaker, not a spectator, GamePlan A

A playmaker controls the flow of offensive play. With a strong vision and extensive technical skills, playmakers are known for using their creativity and decisiveness. Do you want to be that person, or are you comfortable to watch from the sidelines? How committed are you to achieving your goals? How will you get that trophy if you’re not even in the game?

The route to success can be characterized by many factors: the connections and friendships made, the skills you acquire, or the person you become along the way. As former professional tennis player Arthur Ashe says, “Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.” Achieving your goals requires constant focus.

Don’t just dream about your goals – develop your strength of character throughout the journey and take the necessary steps to bring them to life. Build up your confidence with practice and preparation. It’s time to go for gold.


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by Gita Majumdar 26.02.2019
My family and I get inspiration from your articles.
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Awesome article!! Can’t wait to share with my son.
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Inspiring comments that make all.move forward on ones goal!!
by john keane 26.04.2019
having been a coach i've said this alot you don't win on game day ,you win i during practice
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Motivational Quotes for Achieving Targets