We are all creatures of habit. When you consciously develop and maintain routines you will steadily move closer to the goals you want to achieve over the coming year. Want to know more?

Check out these GamePlan A posts:

1. Ready

“When you know the WHY, the HOW comes easy.” says swimmer Michael Andrew, who became World Champion at the age of 17. He says that once you’ve answered the WHY, you can invest your energy and time into the HOW.

Michael Andrews Swimming
For athletes, success is founded upon routines

2. Set

Professional athletes depend on solid training schedules for body and mind. If you want to learn from the best of the best, make sure you read what Dr. Magdalena Schauenberg has to say about the secret behind our habits – 3 learnings from successful athletes.

Yoga stance

3. Go

Man sitting on the edge of a canyon while enjoying the view
Your focus is at its best in the mornings

Whatever your plans are for 2019, make sure you don’t just come up with a random resolution list; instead, invest some time to understand the power of routines and start to take control of them.

Having read this selection of blog posts was the first step in the right direction. To demonstrate your commitment, make it public.

Post your goal for 2019 below and let us know what routines will help you get there.


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by Frank Reiland 03.01.2019
I have never been a person who sets resolutions. The one thing I knew that I had to do this year was learn to create some form of routine.

Find an exercise routine, reading time and business building time on top of my time at work.
by Varun Sharma 05.01.2019
Hi Jens! These all things depend upon giving dedicate time to yourself. Thanks for sharing this post!
Nina Weihrauch
Nina Weihrauch | Editor Varun Sharma 09.01.2019
Hi Varun,

how do you make sure that time for yourself doesn't fall off the agenda during busy work weeks? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.


by Moffat Thomas 09.01.2019
I ditched out resolution setting based on the start of the year a while ago. My regime is to block out time specifically to exercise, read and study. I am more attentive in the morning and just wake up much earlier than everyone in the house to carry out my routine.