Top talent is something I’ve become accustomed to working with as a member of the adidas Corporate Communication team – talent from within our company and also externally through the inspiring athletes and designers we partner with. But 2019 started with an altogether outstanding interview with a colleague who is nominated for a Goya (the Oscars of Spanish cinema).

Meet Gloria Ramos, a sales assistant in our Gran Vía store in Madrid, who has successfully chased her childhood dream of becoming an actress and stars in Campeones (Champions), a hit film released in 2018.

A cast of actors in front of a photo backdrop during an award ceremony. career, work-life balance, actress, adidas, success
Gloria and members of the Campeones cast at the famous San Sebastian Film Festival. ©Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images
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The power of many can help elevate you to success. ©Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images
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We all know it’s pretty hard to make our dreams come true at the best of times but, for Gloria, she has the added hurdle of having Down syndrome.

Chasing a dream to become a champion

Campeones is the story of a professional basketball coach who is ordered to do community service, with Los Amigos, a team of people with disabilities. Gloria plays the role of Collantes, the only girl on the team who is a true fighter, with a never-say-die attitude.

Gloria in top form.

Gloria explains, “Collantes is really quite rough and says a lot of bad words. In general, I’m nothing like her but I learned how to become her, how she ticks, through the movie director Javier Fesser. He taught me everything I needed to know about my character. I also had a lot of help from Javier Gutiérrez, the film lead who plays the role of our basketball coach.”

Campeones was the highest-grossing Spanish language film of 2018 in Spain, with a box-office taking of €19.1 million, so how is Gloria dealing with her new-found fame?

A woman with down syndrome smiling into the camera and putting her hands up. actress, Gloria Ramos, career, success, teamwork, work-life balance, adidas
Nothing matches being part of a winning team. ©Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

“It’s just been incredible. I still can’t believe the movie is nominated for Best Film and I was nominated in the Best New Actress at the Goyas. We are all going to the gala, which is in Sevilla this year. I hope we come away with one. If I don’t win it’s because there are other actresses that also really deserve it.”

Teamwork keeps everything on track

Gloria is juggling two careers thanks to her strong work ethic. “It’s true, balancing acting and a day job is tough, it’s hard to get to everything. On the one hand I want to grow as an actress and work hard, but also I’m very conscious that every Monday I need to be at my best for my job at adidas on Gran Vía. I believe you can do both, but you have to want to.”

Gloria’s adidas Gran Vía crew supporting her all the way in both her sales and acting careers.

The story of Campeones focuses on teamwork and achieving success together. How important is teamwork for you in your daily life? “I have great support from my colleagues in the store. You always have to work together just like in the film – you have to work hard and always listen to the coach.”

Putting people with disabilities on the big screen is extremely important for Gloria. “It’s really great that this type of movie is made. It helps us all to be less afraid. Many times we are judged by our disability and we are stopped from doing things. This hurts when it happens.”

“I want to continue acting, continue learning and make it on to television roles. I’m a big fan of Disney’s ‘Descendants’ and I love the work of Dove Cameron and, in Spain, Antonio Resinas. One day I’d like to be as good as them. At the same time, I love my job at adidas so I’m happy if I can keep doing both.”


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by simone 31.01.2019
Thanks Gloria for sharing your story with us. And best of luck for Saturday night…keeping all my fingers crossed. You did already win a lot of peoples heart with that story.
by Yun-Ling Hong 09.02.2019
"In the team, we help each other, we confront our fears together and we forget our disabilities.” - this is amazing. Thank you for posting it, Linda.
Nina Weihrauch
Nina Weihrauch | Editor Yun-Ling Hong 12.02.2019
Hi Yun-Ling,

I can only agree with you. This statement rocks! Kudos to Gloria for being such a strong woman and a great inspiration for all of us.

by Linda Murphy Yun-Ling Hong 16.02.2019
You're welcome Yun-Ling. Gloria and all the actors that worked on that movie are a true inspiration. I hope you can get to watch it someday!
by Brandi Oldham 28.02.2019
This is so cool! Great work Gloria, and thank you for sharing Linda. I coach a Special Olympics basketball team here in the states. I love that Spain is putting people with disabilities on the big screen. I hope I can watch the film one day, the trailer has me intrigued!
by Linda Murphy Brandi Oldham 01.03.2019
Yes Brandi, visibility is so important. You should check out the acceptance speech of Gloria's co-star Jesus Vidal at the Goya's recently. He brought the house down and many to tears. It's in Spanish - - I hope you get to enjoy the movie, Linda.
by Brandi Oldham Linda Murphy 07.03.2019
Thanks for sharing the link - I will be sure to check it out!
by Kelly Sellon 28.02.2019
My son experiences Down syndrome here in the States. Love this article!