Boots are being laced; socks are taped; shorts tied. Suddenly the hubbub of the changing room fades to silence and all eyes are on you. This is the time to sell your vision. How are you going to win this game? How can you claw back a losing scoreline? What’s the big idea, and how can you convince the doubters?

We may not all regularly have to inspire a team of athletes but more than likely in your professional life you will need to sell an idea to people. It could be investors, shareholders, your boss, or simply the rest of your team.

Of course, every idea is different and there is no recipe for the right business pitch. But here are a few points that I think should be integrated to take your pitch from filler to killer.

1. Show some passion

First and foremost, make sure you show passion for the topic. Share how the idea arose and the journey it has been on. It is usually these personal stories that are remembered the most. If, behind the business model, there is a story that describes the exciting moment when the idea was hit upon, this is much more credible and convincing than a few statistics. Boom!

Florian Bernard presenting on stage in front of an audience in a dark room with the spotlight on him. pitching, performance, public speaking, audience, GamePlan A
Share a passionate story linked to the topic. ©Michael Bieniek

2. Be unique

Investors or top management will not put their money or time into something that has already been done before. It is therefore important to point out in the presentation that the idea is unique. But don’t forget to have the information to back it up.

3. Figures, data and facts

Hard facts also need to be included. Investors don’t just want the idea, they also want to know how many potential customers exist and why they will buy the product. Support your argument with extra information: how many customers buy alternatives? What costs might potential customers face if they do not buy the idea? This visualizes the market potential for investors and helps show if the investment is worthwhile.

4. The brains behind the idea

Don’t forget the people behind the idea. If you are leading a team then give your workmates their dues as it will show you have strength in depth. This does not mean presenting the full CVs of everyone right down to the person who makes the coffee. It is much better to highlight key players and list three of their top skills that have already been proven and put to the test.

A team of young people is discussing something at a meeting held in a bright, creative office space. team members, meeting, group discussion, collaboration, GamePlan A
Highlight the key players behind the idea you're pitching. ©Luis Alvarez/GettyImages

5. Practice Makes Perfect

Practice and perfect the presentation, not just on your own in front of your laptop but under authentic conditions – out loud and to time. Deliver it to your lover, your mother, your dog, and then? Practice again! And again!

Do you have other tips that help rouse your dressing room and make the perfect pitch? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.


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by Victor 22.01.2019
by Tim Bassford 12.03.2019
Great article Florian. Very well put. I would certainly place an individual's passion and personal investment in their pitch as the top 1. THAT'S what makes people sit up and listen. Being honest, authentic and with something fresh to offer that can improve your listener's lives/career/sporting outcome! Thanks for your wise words...
by Vusi 23.05.2019
Very interesting
by Arch. Hermie Simbol 03.07.2019
I like this footnotes and ideas... A guide to my up-coming talk about the world of an architect with the local government unit... So precise and it will be of help. Thanks.
by Diana Tecson 23.12.2019
Your tips is very useful for me.
by Diana del rosario 31.12.2019
I like your presentation on Perfect pitch .. simple but concise
by Olivia 12.01.2020
Yor tips are bulls eye- your number 1- “ passion” is the most significant factor, may i add honesty & competence. Its my opinion though that Audiences must be classified into group or individual and the use of corporate power dressing as fundamental set up. Thank you
by jons 18.01.2020
it is a nice one.
by Nkosi Sibanda 15.02.2020
Interesting. Very helpful indeed!