Whether you’re wanting to shrink your waistline, get a promotion or chalk-up a new personal best, setting yourself goals can help you get to where you want to be. Having the motivation to improve yourself is an important first step, but what is the best way forward from here?

We’ve compiled some articles from three goal-setting specialists to help you really reach your full potential.

1. Stay motivated

2. Stay on track

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The best way to tackle a big challenge is to break it down into smaller steps. “A simple goal-setting approach can help get you to your dream.” EXOS performance specialist Kerry Greer tells us how to put this into practice on a daily basis.

3. Stay positive

Now you have some guidance to help you set your goals, there’s nothing stopping you.

Post your big target for the year below and tell us how you plan on breaking it down into achievable goals.


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by Joseph Thomson 23.02.2019
Self belief and having faith in yourself will push you forward ) never look back .
by Teresa Costa 05.03.2019
Fail and learn,
Never give up and focus on your goals!!!
by Pablo Ramos Fernandez 06.03.2019
I learned the value of small advances or goals to the blows.
basically I had a heart condition (2 heart attacks) that left me almost knockout. (from that moment on, I performed the operation with the bay pass methodology and from that moment on it began little by little ... and very slowly ... "recovery"
the pain and the worst of the postoperative ones made me think that I could not do sports ... but I started from steps little by little with small objectives ... 1 minute running and 3 walking ... to the weeks 2 minutes running and 2 minutes walking ... and so on until today ... that I run approximately 7 and 8 km per day in approximately one hour 20 minutes
if I could ... ANYONE CAN
by Janosch 07.01.2020
I believe, setting goals is one side of the medal. Achieving them, the second. And being motivated isn't enough to achieve. However, let's not forget that we live in times, in which we must strive for more than just personal improvement. To achieve a future together, personal goals can only be stepping stones. But the true vision must be bigger, it must be mutually shared. Because being accountable to yourself is one thing. Being accountable to a whole planet with various codependent but vastly extinct species who demand a mutual future is a whole different game.
by Natalia 26.03.2021
Believe in you dream don't allow person to talk you out of dream. Stop seeking validation from others. Validate it yourself through action
by Charito 13.12.2021
Wow this was very helpful ,thank you very much ,I was busy doing my own research about these subjects ,and almost all of this information I found very helpful and valuable. This is basically the complete guide to set my goals.
by Steve 15.11.2022
A great list and very helpful having just started a blog!



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