As the holiday season approaches, many of us start to think about our goals and resolutions for the new year ahead. While this can be a healthy first step to becoming the best version of yourself, setting your mind to something can easily lead to tunnel vision.

Fixating too much on where you need to be can leave you feeling as if you are on the journey alone. So, take a second to look around. Reach out. Tell people in your life about your dreams and aspirations. Don’t forget how helpful a strong support system can be in boosting your confidence and getting you even closer to achieving your goal.

Inspired by our GamePlan A Speaker Series, we’ve picked out some key takeaways that can motivate you to share your goals with your teammates.

1. Work collaboratively

Florian Gschwandtner talking on stage for GamePlan A Speaker Series, adidas, Runtastic, inspiration, motivation, teamwork, GamePlan A

Runtastic’s co-founder and CEO Florian Gschwandtner talks about how surrounding yourself with the right people can help you grow as a person, whether this be in your personal or professional life. “You can’t go the journey alone,” he explains, and more often than not “you need a sparring partner” when the pressure piles on. Listen to what others have to say about your ideas. Talking through a big project you’re stuck on with a teammate can lead to a breakthrough faster than mulling it over in your head.

Working together with others can lead to greater achievements, and it is also a lot more fun! Watch this video to find out more about what Florian has to say about teamwork and sharing your goals with the people around you: Why Athletes Are Winners – On the Pitch and in the Board Room [VIDEO]

2. Write it down – make your dreams tangible

Marcus Leach giving a speech on stage for GamePlan A Speaker Series, audience, motivation, adidas, inspiration, teamwork, motivation, GamePlan A

The idea of goals and targets can seem far-off and intangible when they’re just floating around in your head. In order to make them more than just distant fantasies, Marcus Leach passes on a piece of advice his mother gave to him as a young boy: “You better write it down, otherwise it will never be more than a dream”. While committing your aspirations to paper may seem like a meaningless or insignificant step towards achieving them, Marcus believes that doing so can be a symbolic motivator that may help to propel you forward in your journey.

Having been a junior international rugby player, successfully completed three Grand Tours, and climbed some of the world’s highest mountains, Marcus believes that sharing your goals with family and friends can help you stay grounded.

So why not try keeping a record of your progress and then sharing these notes with your friends and colleagues? Listen to what Marcus has to say about the importance of friends and family in achieving your goals here: Race, Race and Race Again – An Adventure Athlete Talks Goal Setting [VIDEO]

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Maria Taylor giving a speech on stage for GamePlan A Speaker Series, adidas, ESPN, reporter, inspiration, motivation, GamePlan A

Maria Taylor, a college sports reporter for ESPN, explains the need for a go-getter attitude when it comes to fulfilling your dreams. Always remember to let your teammates know what your end goal is, because they might be the ones who will help you to get there. Not only will they have a fresh perspective on different ways of reaching that goal, but they might also be able to flag up meaningful opportunities that you can pursue.

It’s time to speak up. For more tips from Maria on how to meet your targets, watch the video here: Learning From the Journey With ESPN’s Maria Taylor [VIDEO]

How do you share your goals? Let us know in the comments below.


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