Confidence. It’s certainly true that some people have wallpapered their comfort zone with confidence, while for others it’s something that seems completely out of reach, but the reality is that confidence is something you can develop over time.
Want to know more?

Here are five GamePlan A blogs to inspire and activate your potential:

1. Control your mind

Chris Bryant celebrating in Baseball World Series match Chicago Cubs versus Cleveland Indians, Chris Bryant, celebration, victory pose, positivity boost, baseball, home run, adidas, GamePlan A, boost confidence
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We all know that our brain controls our body; but did you know that it’s also the other way around?

“Our bodies change our minds. Our minds change our behavior. And our behavior changes outcomes,” says Shaba Mohseni, who explains how bodily expression can directly and instantly impact your confidence.

2. Training ground

The philosophy of Improv theatre is yes and, improv, yes and, confidence training, improv workshop, confidence booster, GamePlan A, boost confidence

Some people have lost their fear of heights by bungee jumping. Signing up for an improv workshop is an equally bold step for the introverts amongst us.

“The secret sauce to improv – the core philosophy and the engine that makes it work – is two short words: “Yes, and…” says Holly Mandel.

3. Role models

Lauren Currie presents on stage how to overcome your fears in presenting, confidence, confidence training, introverts, mindset, adidas, GamePlan A, boost confidence

An interview with social innovator and designer Lauren Currie shows how you need to embrace vulnerability and learn to tolerate failure to allow confidence to prosper.

4. The stage

Man presenting on stage in front of large audience, confidence, presentation skills, training, out of your comfortzone, presenting on stage, GamePlan A, boost confidence

Your confidence needs to be tried and tested to enable it to grow.

“Everybody feels fear and nerves; successful people learn how to use those emotions to their advantage.” – Marcus Leach

This seven-step guide to mastering public speaking by Marcus Leach will help you to get this control over your emotions.

5. The importance of confident leadership

Kate Woods Hockey Olympian sits on chair and talks about confidence in leadership, leadership, leadership skills, personal development, confidence, adidas, GamePlan A, boost confidence

Confidence is a central quality of good leadership. Triple hockey Olympian and Senior Director for marketing at adidas, Kate Woods, knows that:

“Confidence is built during practice, not gameday.”

As with every manual, it is worthless just reading about it; instead, you have to take action. I am curious to hear from you:

Which of these blogs has helped you to grow your confidence? You can let me know in the comments below.


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by Tim Bassford 16.10.2018
The Importance of Confident Leadership was my favourite. So true in allowing others to feel safe, supported and validated in their roles. Its also all about focusing on developing strong character traits that continue to develop you and your team's ability - "The way to build authentic confidence through leadership is by acting with integrity, setting high expectations, and being committed to learning and growing."

I continue to be really inspired by these sporting analogies that are both valuable on the pitch and off it. Keep it coming Gameplan-A team :)
by Jens Tim Bassford 18.10.2018
Hey Tim - totally agree. I saved the best for last. Great posts and inspiring quotes in this interview. Thanks for your feedback. I'll pass it on to our team.
by 17.10.2018
Confidence is a central quality of good leadership.
by Gemina 17.10.2018
Thanks for the post Jens. I would like to note that being an introvert does not equate to not having confidence, or not being bold. Introverts desire space. Gandhi, Steve Wozniak and Rosa Parks are examples of bold, transformative leaders who have made great contributions to society.

I highly recommend the book "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking" by Susan Cain for anyone who interacts with introverts on any level.
by Jens Gemina 18.10.2018
Hey Gemina! Thanks for pointing that out. Indeed, still waters run deep. Thanks for the book recommendation!