Self-awareness is a must if you want to work on yourself and move forward in your career development.

How does a Russian, working in an English-speaking company and based in Latin America, create a winning team and carve out a career he loves? By asking a simple question: “How am I doing?”

Sounds simple, but if you don’t ask you’ll never know, or you’ll only know after the fact when something bad has happened.

Make time for each other

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Team building helps to nurture trust, which creates the foundation for a healthy feedback culture.

So, the first step was to invite the Colombian team to Peru and the Mexican and Argentinian team members for the store opening in Chile. Small steps, but this is how bonding started. It is always easier to talk to the person who you already met in real life. And this became the greatest milestone for us. We started to have more ‘cultural exchange’ trips, both inside and outside of LAM, and also used these opportunities for teambuilding and engaging everyone in our ‘Creating the New’ company strategy.

Encourage questions

I demand a lot, from myself and my team.

Sometimes I might be too direct, or even pushy. Neither Spanish nor English are my mother tongue so something that sounds completely normal for a Russian guy might be a bit heavy in translation!

We get over this by constantly asking each other questions; Asking ‘Why’ regularly makes sure nothing gets lost in translation and the more questions asked and answered, the better we understand each other and the better results we achieve together in a collaborative environment.

Evaluate and recognize

A group of work colleagues come together in their work environment. smile, happy, work, colleagues, team
Feedback and sharing your learnings will allow the team to grow as one.

If personally I value meaningful and useful feedback, I assume it has similar, if not higher, value for team members. This is why as the leader I use every opportunity to provide feedback or highlight the learnings we achieved: positive and negative. Reviewing them together and finding opportunities, we learn together and grow together as a team.

We share our learnings with other departments to collaborate and to see another perspective. The same goes for recognition. It is highly important for the team’s motivation to highlight the MVP and celebrate achievements together. This is how future leaders and talents get the recognition they deserve and encourages the team as a whole to perform better each and every time.

Would you like to join us?

Now when I look for feedback I want to understand how people view us as a team and about me as a leader of VM: would they like to join us, work with me or have us as part of their team?

The numbers now speak for themselves…seven LAM Visual Merchandising team members have been promoted to new positions inside and outside our department. I hope they carry with them the great self-awareness they’ve achieved.

I’ll continue asking questions and providing my feedback to my peers, reports and managers to keep pushing us all forward.


Check out the open positions on our careers website and you might get to give or receive feedback from Alex first hand.

Join our team


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by Barkha 20.07.2018
So true... Ask... I totally believe in that... Even if you ask a question out loud... And u think no one has heard you, you will still get your answer from the Universe.
Always Seek Knowledge is what I say to everyone.... If you don't ask you will never get your answer. Thank for the lovely posts, really enjoy reading them.
by gustavo 20.07.2018
great content, easy to read and adding value. congrats!
best companies are based on better teams that are created by individuals. Leaders that are fully aware and honestly focused on the people are the ones that will take companies to reach any objective
by Aaron 24.07.2018
Makes sense. Always seek to better yourself and, in this case, your company.
by Matias 03.08.2018
Great piece Alex! A lot of truly valuable insights and completely agree with your Point of View!
by Virginie 23.08.2018
Alex, you are a kick butt - passionate leader and these qualities are reflected in everything you do! You have some much heart for your work and for your people which are the 2 values that make a big difference personally and professionally.

I admire you so very much for your drive, positive energy and “can do” attitude. Your personality and way of working is genuine and consistent – on and off the field! I am a big fan of yours Alex and I am SUPER proud of you! Rock on ROCKSTAR! I love you BIG TIME! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO