This is precisely why adidas invited a host of ‘Creators’ from across the world to co-create and shape our brand narrative for this year’s tournament.

The world is invited to co-create

With ‘Creativity is the Answer’, we wanted to transcend a single sport because creativity goes beyond the pitch – it permeates every aspect of sport culture.

We invited athletes, musicians, artists and filmmakers from adidas’ key cities – London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris, Shanghai and New York as well as host city Moscow – to form our first-ever open-sourced campaign centered on the world’s biggest sporting event, the World Cup.

Creativity unites the world. #HereToCreate #WorldCup

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Our questions, their answers

We asked Creators across the world: How does creativity inspire others? Take you from street to stardom? Bring people together? Change the world? How is your creativity shaping sport culture in your community?

I have been completely blown away by the overwhelming response we received. Here are just a few examples.

A young child walks across a football pitch in his neighborhood in Brazil beside a mural of Gabriel Jesus. Gabriel Jesus, soccer, street art, mural, brazil
©Victor Moriyama

In Jardim Peri, Brazil, a collection of street artists teamed up to paint a mural of Gabriel Jesus rising up a layered wall of buildings – a mosaic symbolizing his rise from playing football in the streets of his hometown to stardom now representing his country on the sport’s biggest stage. Gabriel later told us he owes his creativity to his neighborhood, Jardim Peri.

Two friends wrap an arm around each other smiling. friends, smiling, happy, graffiti

In London, a digital community called This Fan Girl answered the call by showing how female footballers are using creativity to shape the game. The community is looking to change the way media portrays females in sport by documenting football events across the UK and drawing attention to the growing female attendance at professional matches.

An artist begins his drawings on a large piece of white paper rolled across the street. art, artist, creator, creativity, drawing, doodle

In Los Angeles we have Giovanni Reyna – an up-and-coming footballer who is looking ahead to the future. He partnered with a team of L.A. Creators to produce a film showing how a new generation of football athletes are using creativity to shape the next U.S. World Cup team.

Going ‘Open Source’ is what our brand has always been about: empowering Creators to create. We have and will continue to open our doors to allow Creators from sport, music, art, fashion, technology and beyond to help shape the brand narrative and define the future of sport.

Do you have Creators shining through in your community? We'd love to hear their stories in the comments below.


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by Alex Ahom 06.07.2018
Great article. Love This Fan Girl as well, they are making a great impact.
by Teri Mack 17.03.2020
My brother, whom I donated my stem-cells to in order for him to live is one of the most creative individuals that I've ever come across hands down. Not because he's my brother, but simply because of the effect he has on a culture of people. When we were growing up he was the one person that would set fashion trends in our neighborhood, and school. I would even hear people talking about what he was doing in neighboring cities. As he matured into a young man he migrated to Atlanta, GA. in 1997 after a short stint in Brooklyn, NY. In a hurry, he became the most sought after barber in Atlanta which led him into the music industry. Though he's respected by a lot of well-known industry figures, his music never made it to the mainstream, yet if you were to hear it, you would say the same thing; why not? My brother has started multiple businesses, Group Homes. He's built homes, he's used to be a great basketball player. He ran 48 sec. 400 Meters without trying in high school. He can draw, paint, make music, write poetry. He's written 12 novels, 5 screenplays. He designed his first shoe in 10 minutes. He's a certified motivational speaker and more importantly, he's a Leukemia Survivor.
In Closing,
Now all he talks about is doing a collaboration with Adidas called the Survivor Division.
He's even gone as far as designing logos for Adidas, (unbeknownst). I wish I could show them to the world. I know he'd chew me out, but oh well. He's more than my brother, he's an unsung Creator who loves people and his community.