The FIFA World Cup is a powerful global event that allows us to set aside our differences and play the beautiful game. My parents brought their love for soccer from Mexico as they settled into a new life in the US and, consequentially, my family and I are football fanatics.

Mexico fans before world cup
The beautiful game has the power to bring people even closer together.

We share the passion, excitement, and dedication to our sport. So much intensity, mostly happiness, but occasional disappointments.

Whether you are pursuing your academic or career goals, the World Cup is more than just a game – it’s a metaphor for our own reality. The battle to win our own stars in life, and the obstacles we overcome to reach our full potential. Football is not about being a spectator, it’s about being an active player.

Find your tribe and come together

Football is a tribe you fight for, just like family. In mine, football is passed down through generations, and it’s a topic we bring to the dinner table.

Our family tradition started when my youngest brother was born during the 2002 World Cup. Four years later we traveled to Europe for the first time and found the streets of Germany packed with fans from all over the world, cheering and chanting for their tribes.

Germany fans watch live viewing in Berlin
The streets awash with a tribal atmosphere. ©Matthias Kern/Getty Images

The event opened my eyes to the world. One beautiful thing about football is that when you’re on a team, everybody’s the same. It was an unforgettable experience to share our culture, language, and pride for Mexico in Europe.

Never give up or take the easy way out

My parents pushed my siblings and I to be on top of the class when it came to sport, school and careers. The mindset we share is to never give up. When we want something, we work hard to get it. No cheating or short cuts. And we support each other 100%.

Growing up, football taught me to be ambitious with a fair play attitude. When victories don’t turn out the way you want them to, you prepare yourself for the next opportunity and try again.

I was 17-years-old when I figured out what I wanted to do professionally. My souvenir from the 2006 World Cup was the “Impossible Is Nothing” poster by adidas, the first piece of design I ever owned. That poster influenced the beginning of my career – it inspired me to study design.

Inspired by World Cup Campaign
Global events can have an impact far beyond the field of play.

My mindset as a competitive swimmer and the influence of football allowed me to create my career goals. But, I learned that no one will approach you with opportunities; you have to fight for what you desire. We all have different skills and potential, so it’s important to nurture your talent to succeed. Follow your intuition and actively search and ask for opportunities.

Approach life with the heart of an athlete

For 16 years, my family and I have been traveling the world, creating memories, and supporting our team in various football events.

The majority of life lessons I learned is because of the World Cup, and I can’t imagine my life without the beautiful game. Football teaches you to have a “Move More” mindset, no matter how busy life gets. Don’t build barriers around your heart. Do everything with love. Always maintain an active lifestyle and build new skills – your abilities might surprise you along the way.

Get ready to wave your flags and cheer for your tribe! The beautiful game is coming back, and we are ready for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.


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by Jess O. 12.06.2018
Amazing story! This person has football passion in her veins!!
by Anand Prakash 12.06.2018
Nice article, Jennifer. Thanks for sharing.
by Nic Primich 12.06.2018

We have similar upbringings with parents that encouraged us to do the sports we enjoyed. I excelled at football, tennis and swimming. I'm not gonna play the violin about how my sports dreams came to an end... but for years I've been a designer too (attached my site address here). A few years back I started an entrepreneurial job for a massive local Football Club here in South Africa. Unfortunately the club initially tried to steal it all from me but the point is that merging my two passions, football and design, did something for me. Since I started freelancing I'm trying to get sports related jobs plus I have been trying to get in touch with the right people at Adidas, Puma, Nike or Reebok to keep that all going. I'm highly creative as a footballer, highly creative in the classroom and have remained highly creative in my career.

Good luck to Mexico, and equally good luck to Croatia and England (my mixed tribe)...
ONLY 2 DAYS TO WC2018!!!
by Jennifer Nic Primich 12.06.2018
Hi Nic! Your story is amazing as well! I highly recommend that you share your story with GamePlan A! I completely understand your journey, and I am too pursuing an opportunity with sports related jobs! I currently work at adidas in the retail industry, but I've had opportunities to work at HQ, but it hasn't been easy to get in. We have to keep pushing ourselves and never give up! #ImpossibleIsNothing

Keep moving forward in your field!
Congrats on your success!

Thanks for your comment and good luck to your tribes! We are ready for it!
by Gustavo M. Lanata 14.06.2018
Football is the world's game and the the Finals that we are about to enjoy is an extraordinary event. Enjoy always I have been following the event since 1966 when it was held in the home of the great game England. I went to my first Finals in 1978 and I have not stopped. All the best may the players give us many memories to cherish.

All the best
by Antonio Bejarano 26.06.2018
Awesome way to describe the beautiful relationship of passion - soccer and life goals. Great story! Keep going!