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GamePlan A sat down with the Denver Broncos ‘quarterback nightmare’ and passionate chicken farmer to learn what it takes to become an MVP in sport or in business. His answer was competition, effort and repeat.

1. It takes competition

My life is centered around competition and everything else stems from that, especially in my sport and in my business.

I’ve learnt that in order to prevail over your competition, you need to surround yourself with the right people. Some people think it is simply about putting the best player right next to you. In reality, it’s about having the player on your side perform at a level that he wouldn’t normally preform at. If you can do that with everyone around you, you’ll have a great team and you’ll be respected as a great leader.

That’s what I try to do on the football field, but it also defines my action in the chicken business. I want to have the best operation, the best system and the best product in this very competitive market. It takes a lot of effort, but I know that I’ll get there if I trust the people I put around me to do their job.

2. It takes effort

I demand constant effort from myself. If you take it back to the animal kingdom, the one who really wants it the most and is willing to fight to the death is the one that’s going to win. It’s not so much about size or strength, but about the effort you bring.

You don’t need to have a lion’s physique, if you have a rooster’s heart and attitude.  Roosters’ got crazy personalities. They never give up, they commit their all and are willing to fight to the death. That’s what it takes to win the competition.

Now, I’m not saying that there won’t be any adversity or setbacks on the journey; however, the ones that really take on that adversity will make it to a whole other level of success. You just have to keep going. Especially in my line of work, you can’t ever become complacent. The guys that become complacent don’t last too long.

That’s what we’re in it for: to become legends.

3. It takes repetition

My work is never done. I’ve got to make sure I try everything in my power to get another MVP award. That’s what it’s about.

When you get one championship or you taste success for the first time, you have an indescribable feeling and you’ll want to experience those emotions again and again. It really creates this addiction. To win the next competition, you got to continue to bring the effort, the drive and the motivation. This time, however, you can build on your experience.

Just look at how you won last time and repeat and perfect the process.


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by Nina Weihrauch 20.04.2018
Hi all,

I really loved Von Miller's 3 words. One thing that stands out for me is the underlying spirit of ambition and hard work. In a world, where we can follow the glamorous and fun life of successful athletes and entrepreneurs through social media, we tend to forget how much hard work, dedication and sacrifices these people put into their career to get to the top.

Seeing great guys like Von, or also Runtastic CEO Florian Gschwandtner, who still have this lightheartedness and human touch is the most inspirational part of their story, which makes them true role models for me.

When reading through the interview I also asked myself, which 3 words I'd the top of my head, I'd say: Passion, Team, Authenticity.

What are your 3 words?



Svea Polzer
Svea Polzer | Editor Nina Weihrauch 20.04.2018
Hey Nina,
I totally agree with you! Von Miller's simple three words show his dedication and how an athletes work is never done. And I love your three words!
For me, it was hard to find three words that really sum it up, because there are so many options, but I would say: Goals, Energy, Dedication.

Looking forward to reading more words!
by Nina Weihrauch Svea Polzer 20.04.2018
Hi Svea,

thanks for your reply. Love your three words, too. As I know you, your positive attitude and your energy, I'd love to know: Where do you take your energy from? I sometimes feel that you have endless energy ;)

@All story readers: We want to hear your three words, too!

by Marc Isaacs 25.04.2018
Hi Nina, Svea

This is a fantastic article and a great insight into one of the sports greatest athletes (although living in the UK I have to stay up abit too late in the night on a Sunday to watch him play!)

my 3 words would be attitude, desire and belief
Nina Weihrauch
Nina Weihrauch | Editor Marc Isaacs 07.05.2018
Hi Marc,

love your 3 words. What do you mean with belief? The belief in oneself or in others? :) Would love to learn more about that.


by 30 Home Games 14.05.2018
My 3 words aren't too far from Nina's: Passion, Authenticity and Community.
It doesn't relate so much to sport or business as much as a way of finding fulfilment in life.