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Choose the Boxing Ring for That Next Bout With Your Boss

Knocking down boundaries will create an open working environment in any team.

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Here to Create

Some people like to catch up with their boss over lunch. Others like to meet in the office. But me? I prefer the boxing ring.

And it’s not just boxing, I meet people within adidas through body pump, tennis, running, pilates, I could go on…

Networking with colleagues away from an office environment is really important to me. I was attracted to adidas because of my passion for sports. But my vocation lies in IT. Being able to talk about the latter while doing the former makes for some really interesting conversations, and it’s in this space that I think people really begin to connect.

If you don’t mix sport with business already, here’s why you should:

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Removing myself from the office to network is an essential part of my day.

Knockout ideas

Some of my best ideas have come from the middle of the canvas. In the mentoring sessions I have with my boss, we use the small breaks to chat about the projects I’ve been working on. Through this, we’ve found so many synergies where we could actually expand and think outside the box. If we come up with anything productive, we set up a more serious meeting to make sure it all makes sense. And after that, it’s full steam ahead.

This doesn’t just happen with those I work directly with.

There are so many people doing cool things within the company. Sport is the ideal way to meet them and collaborate for greater results.

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I find a court, gym or track brings out the best in my colleagues.

Lowering the guard

I love how people let their guard down when taking on a physical challenge. It helps create an open dialogue that isn’t rooted in the minutiae of daily objectives. When you get to know someone away from their desk, they can really be themselves.

But sport in particular creates a collaborative environment which can’t be replicated through other forms of social bonding. It enables people to relax while still being switched on. And it’s in this space where the best kind of ideas thrive.

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I always warm up for my business sports sessions both physically and mentally to get the most out of them.

Heavyweight confidence

If you are already used to throwing punches at your work colleagues, it makes it a whole lot easier to throw yourself into new business initiatives.

Nobody, no matter how senior, is going to intimidate you after you’ve been six rounds with them.

So go ahead and schedule that bout with your boss. But just make sure you knock them out with your work, rather than in the ring.


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