Great teams train together on a regular basis, sometimes even twice a day ahead of a major event. They need to really know each other’s strengths, weaknesses, style of play and creativity. I’ve recognized this in-person contact is just as important in business. At adidas we are always thinking about how we can connect more closely with consumers and young athletes especially in the six cities around the world that we know are the most influential: New York, London, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo and Los Angeles.

Take LA, the second largest city in the U.S. It’s home to some of the best athletes in the world, like basketball’s Candace Parker and Brandon Ingram, football’s Joey Bosa and baseball’s Justin Turner and Chase Utley and is undoubtedly the world’s biggest cross-section of entertainment, sport and fashion.

Here are three ways adidas is reaching the City of Angels community right now.

1. Know your audience and where they are at

Customer and staff member talking in an adidas Originals store in Los Angeles, LA, key city, adidas, GamePlan A, communities, corporate social responsibility, creativity, individuality
Creating a store experience that reflects the surrounding community builds relationships with local customers.

One of the most unique things about Los Angeles is that it’s actually a collection of 88 distinct cities. Each neighborhood has its own vibe. Recently we opened a new adidas Originals store on one of the most vibrant blocks in America – Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice, California.

We love that the Venice neighborhood represents creativity and individuality – two things central to who we are as a brand. With this store, we tried to capture that unique spirit and give creators, artists, musicians and trendsetters in the neighborhood a new place to come and be inspired. Every detail of the store was inspired by the eclectic Venice culture. More than just a place to sell shoes, our Abbot Kinney store hosts regular events and installations tailored just for the local community.

2. Create memorable experiences

Virtual sales meetings and online project kick-offs may have a place in your business calendar but nothing beats face-to-face sales meetings and attending the last game of the season for a team you’ve been rooting for all year.

Gif advertising adidas warehouse event in LA. GIF, basketball, 747, warehouse.

Making memories for LA’s young athletes and consumers around one of the biggest sporting events of the year, the NBA All-Star Game, is what adidas recently focused on. We created an unprecedented experience centered around creativity, sport and culture. The two-day festival at 747 Warehouse Street was filled with exclusive product drops, co-creation stations, speaker series, music performances, tournament play and more.

3. Build a legacy

A woman talking in front of high school pupils. adidas, GamePlan A, communities, support, athletes, corporate social responsibility
Supporting sports in communities we are living and working in is a privilege.

How can you help turn on-the-ground time into a lasting influence? At adidas we believe, through sport, we have the power to change lives and that’s why we’re partnering with 10 of the most underserved high schools in Los Angeles and empowering their athletes to make positive changes in their communities through sport. We’re giving these schools our best basketball gear to compete on the court and, more importantly, we’re equipping them to be successful leaders and change makers in their communities.

We recently invited 300 student-athletes from these schools to co-create innovative solutions to some of the biggest issues in their communities – access to sport, poverty, drugs, and gang violence to name a few. Sport is so much bigger than the game. Communities and culture are built around sport.


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by Hrishikesh Shende 16.02.2018
Some very good insights on how to approach key city activation and specifically loved the experiences created in the community including a specifically themed Originals outlet to match the vibe of the Venice locality. Good stuff!
by Jimmie L.Gilmore III 19.02.2018
I think this is genius. It helps to provide opportunities for communities that’s struggling to make something out of themselves. AWESOME....
by Ivana 20.02.2018
great stuff!
by Tina Yang 23.02.2018
I am so proud to see our product to be wore on the court, and the way how they show it during the Allstar weekend is so inspiring. Looking forward for Better Basketball in 2018!
by Maria Culp 27.02.2018
Very exciting to see all of the inspiring and impactful things adidas is doing in LA!