Since my youth, I’ve taken every chance to travel, envisioning that one day I’d live abroad. In November 2016, I moved to London from Finland without having a particular plan – after working in hospitality for ten years, I was simply in need of a change.

Sport has been a big part of my life for the past years, and I knew I wanted to work within sports and fitness. Not only that, I was determined to work for adidas. Without knowing what would happen next, when the next pay check would come, or if I would even get a job, the only thing I was certain of was that I was at least going to try.

The following four rules have pushed me forward along the way, eventually landing me a dream job.

1. Have the confidence to try

After multiple emails and many more phone calls, I landed an interview at the adidas Oxford Street store. The next step was to prepare for the interview, which was a daunting task. I had enthusiasm, but did I have any sort of background in retail, sports, or with a large brand? The short answer: No. However, I reminded myself of a tip I once heard: act confident, and no one will question you.

The morning of the interview I was understandably nervous. I went to the gym to smash a leg session and to calm my mind. On the way to the interview I scrolled through adidas’ social media channels to make sure I knew the latest updates. Walking in, I kept repeating myself, “You got this.” And I did.

2. Ask questions – also from yourself

Woman standing in front of a brick wall smiling, adidas Womens London Studio-dream job-career
It’s easy to smile when a career risk has paid off.

I started working with the amazing Oxford St. team in December 2016, and boy did I learn a lot. I threw myself into my tasks and responsibilities, eager to soak up anything and everything there was to know about retail and working in a flagship store.

I’ve never asked so many questions in my life. I was also always asking myself: How can I go the extra mile? This led me to get creative. When it got quiet in the store, I even did yoga near the main entrance to keep things interesting and to encourage people to come in.

3. Network while staying fit

In January 2017, I joined my first adidas Runners session, which I saw as a great opportunity to network. But did I mention I’m not a runner at all? I persevered for a while, and then I (luckily) heard about the adidas Women’s fitness studio, which was right down my ally. A fitness studio with amazing women, exciting events, and free fitness classes – sign me up!

I jumped at the opportunity to volunteer at the studio, which meant I could “sweatwork” in a like-minded community. Through both running with the run club and by working at the studio, I’ve met people I can now call friends for life and colleagues whom I have continued working with on a weekly basis.

Women doing yoga in an open space, adidas Womens Studio London-yoga-class, adidas, GamePlan A, career, dream job
Sweatwork your way to new opportunities and friendships.

4. Hard work will pay off

In April, I was promoted to Senior Sales at Reebok Covent Garden, which came with increased responsibility, and the more I learnt, the more I wanted. I was still volunteering at the Women’s fitness studio up to four times a week, doing a range of tasks from NPS calls to front of house and everything stock related.

In June came the call that proves that everything I had done so far – from trusting myself and my ability to learn to working hard – does pay off: I was asked to be the Operations Executive at adidas Studio LDN. I was ecstatic. Considering my background in hospitality and event management, I didn’t even realise such an amazing opportunity could be within my reach.
I have been the Studio Operations Executive for four months now, working in a field I love, and for a brand I think is the best sports brand in the world. I can’t wait to see where my adidas career takes me next.


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by Gemina Stroud 25.01.2018
Thanks for sharing your story Kia! Very inspiring...confidence is key.
by Trenten Hutchins 02.02.2018
I worked for Linda Opray prior to the day she left the department store. She was the most talented woman I have ever worked for. She was my Trainer when I graduated from OSU I was one of their top Exec Trainees and I was working very fervently and was promited thouugh the Dept store and eventually was chosen as her replacement when she took a new buying job at Nike.
by Alyssa Visalli 22.02.2018
This article was great! I too have a dream to work for adidas in the very near future! Sometimes it's easy to feel like a small fish in a big pond, but you reminded me that if I put my head down and do my best, great things will come my way!
by Jennifer Orfin 12.03.2018
This made me cry. Such an amazing story. Congratulations! Forever #ThreeStripeLife
by Charles Long 13.03.2018
Perseverance is in the eyes of believers, and challenges are only what one makes them out to be--so Go & Get It!
by Gabriela Moscoso 02.07.2018
What an incredible story Kia! When I lived in England I used to go to the Studio quite often. hopefully I will be able to visit again soon!
Nina Weihrauch
Nina Weihrauch | Editor Gabriela Moscoso 16.07.2018
Hi Gabriela,

what was your favorite course in the adidas Studio? I'll be in London in August and I hope to find some time to take a course there.
I've been to the place before, but didn't have the chance to do a workout.


by Charaka 29.05.2019
This really motivates me as I too am seeking my dream job at Adidas...