Sparkling red confetti, bright yellow tennis balls and a giant blue teddy bear – what’s happening here today is not the typical fashion photoshoot. A dozen female influencers have come together to shoot pictures of the new adicolor collection. Among them is Leni. She is working as a photographer and blogger. In her job, she can – and must – unleash her creativity every day:

On her blog “Paperboats” Leni writes about photography, fashion and music. Blue next to a deep red, purple next to warm yellow – at first glance it is obvious that her creativity is linked to powerful colors. So, where better to talk creativity with her than at this colorful shoot? We asked her how she fuels her creativity and what she does to find fresh inspiration.

1. No routines

“I think brushing your teeth is enough of a routine and if every day is the same I get annoyed,” explains Leni. Try to break out of your routines to make your everyday life as diverse as possible. Whether it’s a new route to work, walking through the back streets or popping into a new café, or even seeing a new picture hanging on a wall can inspire Leni to new ideas. Meeting new people can have a great effect on your view on things, it helps you change perspective. These moments that spark your inspiration can also be found in the digital world: “I spend many hours on Instagram or Tumblr. Sometimes I see a picture that makes me curious about the artist. Then maybe he or she featured other artists and pieces. This way I often find great things – it’s a chain reaction.” A fun photoshoot like the one for adicolor is a great way to get together with other inspirational people and can act as a catalyst to get creativity going and the ideas flowing.

Blogger Leni is juggling with tennis balls while standing in front of a yellow background wearing a yellow adicolor tracksuit. Adicolor; Adidas; Color; Inspiration; Blogger; Creativity; Mindset; Colorful; Paperboats
Let colors and different surroundings inspire you and spark new ideas.

2. Get away

“I try to travel for four to six months each year. You can get so much input and inspiration, especially from different cultures and people with a different cultural background,” says Leni. Not everyone can travel to Bangkok, New York or Seoul for several months a year, but you don’t have to go far to get inspiration. Leni recommends going to cities that are creative hubs, like London or Paris: “It’s more than just macarons and the Eiffel Tower!” Try to stay off the tourist routes and meet new people to get to know subcultures in the cities. In her experience, people are always happy to tell you more about themselves, their city or their culture. The creative input you can gain from experiencing new places is even more valuable than the pictures you can take there.

Leni is walking in the sunlight on a street in New York, wearing Stan Smith and colorful pants. Blogger; Creativity; New York; adidas; GamePlan A; Paperboats; Color; City; Inspiration
Traveling gives you the opportunity to meet new people and cultures.
The sun is shining through the skyline of New York skyscrapers. New York; City; Lifestyle; Blogger; Travel; Inspiration; adidas; GamePlan A; Creativity
Immerse yourself in your chosen city’s culture and get creative input.
Leni is sitting on a doorstep in front of an orange door. adidas; New York, Stan Smith; Inspiration; GamePlan A; Creativity; Blogger; Travel
Stay off the tourist routes for the real experience.
01 of

3. Set limits

At first glance, limits might seem as something hindering your creativity. But boundaries can help you to develop ideas. “Someone once asked me, ‘If you had an open-end budget for a photoshoot, what would you do?’ I’d be completely overwhelmed, I would fly to the moon – and then I wouldn’t know what to do,” Leni says.

Instead, Leni recommends setting yourself a frame or a certain theme for your project and writing down keywords, ideas or visuals you associate with it. You might end up in an entirely different direction, but a frame is a great starting point to develop creative concepts. However, there is one thing that Leni doesn’t put a limit on: “Collect as much input as you can! Look at pictures, talk to people, find inspiration on Instagram or Tumblr. I have thousands of screenshots, you never know when an idea might come in handy.”

How do you fuel your creativity? Tell us in the comments below.


Creativity requires focus, passion and above all , practice – take it from those who know.



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The colors of a sunrise, the early-to-rise it takes to see them, the attention needed to notice such an everyday experience - and to notice it's not, when colorful, an everyday experience - that drives my inspiration. And then I add a dash of knowledge, both of what's behind it in terms of science, and what we humans make of it.
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