In search of an answer, we look back at the year through the lens of adidas creators from across sport, music and fashion. Some of them inspired us to get up, others to speak up. Some broke boundaries or personal records, others flipped conventions and challenged norms. Different people and different games, with one thing in common: a readiness to demonstrate creativity, confidence and imagination in their game, life and world to make a difference.

Here’s to our creators!

Pharrell Williams - Musician

Alexander Wang – Designer

“Everything about the collection, from its design to the way it is communicated, stems from the idea of flipping conventions about brands on their head. I felt that the most interesting and disruptive approach to the collaboration was to incorporate the heritage of an iconic brand like adidas while overturning commonly accepted rules and traditions of iconography and branding.”

Two models pose in an urban area wearing and carrying adidas clothes. Alexander Wang; Style; Design; Designer; Collaboration; Rocco Richie; Collection; Style; GamePlan A

Danielle Kang – Golfer

“I created a recipe on how to win. I wasn’t feeling great about my game but I had full confidence in what I had been working on and full belief in the golf course management that we planned out for ourselves. Most importantly, I believed in my own golf game.”

Danielle Kang poses with the Women's PGA Championship Trophy. Champion; Adidas; Golf; Golfer; Athlete; GamePlan A; athlete; win; Inspiration; motivation

Paul Pogba – Footballer

“We’re lucky at United to have lots of players with great creativity, which pushes me to be better and helps me improve as well.”

Football player Paul Pogba is sitting in a squat, holding up one arm to show a finger sign with index finger and thumb touching. Pogba; adidas; Manchester United; MUFC; Predator; Champion; Motivation

Karlie Kloss – Model

Running a marathon is something I never dreamed I would do. I did it! It’s single-handedly the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

@nycmarathon ✅

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Garbine Muguruza – Tennis Player

The best thing is being part of history and achieving something you’ve dreamed of. I don’t know a lot of people who achieve what they have really dreamed of as a little girl. I just want to keep winning big trophies and make my own history.”

Garbine Muguruza is standing on the tennis court, holding a trophy. Athlete; Tennis; Champion; Wimbledon; adidas; GamePlan A; Motivation; Win; Dedication; Inspiration

Sergio Garcia – Golfer

“I was able to create the biggest win of my career and bring so much happiness not only to my family and friends but to all my fans. I also created a better mindset to win The Masters by having a better acceptance of both the good and the bad moments on the course and I never stopped believing in myself throughout the whole tournament, even when it looked like my chances were almost gone.”

Golfer Sergio Garcia is holding a trophy and pointing one finger to the sky. Gold; Champion; Tournament; Golfer; Athlete; Adidas; Champion; Win; Motivation; Inspiration; Masters

James Harden – Basketball Player

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to give back to “Michael R. Null middle school” who was heavily damaged by Hurricane Harvey, but you couldn’t tell by the smiles and laughs we had.”

What difference did you make this past year? Tell us about your creativity in the comments below.


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by Layna 23.12.2017
2017 taught me much...I've learned to be selfless and understand that it's not about me. I've started a collective group called Cliques for a Cause, a collaboration between speakers, authors and trainers. Learning about their business and passions and how I can help create opportunities for them going into 2018 is just the beginning of my impact. Just being a servant has helped me connect with others on various levels for future success!
by Nevena Layna 04.01.2018
Hi Layna,
Thanks a lot for sharing your personal achievement! At adidas we believe it’s important to stay humble and keep learning from each other every single day while aiming for the best! It’s great to hear that you are trying to connect different stakeholders and bring collaboration to the next level… I wish you lots of success!
Cheers, Nevena

by Robert Bouvier Murray 27.12.2017
I self published a book titled, A Letter to My Younger Self. My organization, Student Athlete Transition Symposium, S.T.A.T.S was started to help student athletes make their transition from high school to college. Our aim for this symposium is to inspire, empower and encourage through talking to student athletes and sharing with them our very own success and failure exeperiences as student athletes on and off the field,court or whatever sport. My book, consists of different studnet athletes sharing advice to their younger selves as they made their very own transition from high school to college, with the hope that our stories will resonate with others to inspire and empower others to give their best effort to reach success. That success is defined as, to live out your lifes purpose and be all God created you to be. Who better to speak to your younger self than you.
by Nevena Robert Bouvier Murray 05.01.2018
Hi Robert,
This is really inspiring! It is incredibly important to look at both our own achievements and failures and share the lessons learned with others. I wish you success with your book and mission to empower others to reach their best.
Cheers, Nevena
by MJPR 16.01.2018
I give my all and let the outcome announce my level of energy in that moment of giving.

I'm a brand builder out of STL. When putting together events or giving gear i take the sports approach to my project. That's the adrenaline rush .