My average day looks like this: 5am start, no time for staying in bed for five more minutes, I can’t afford to hit the snooze button. The first workout of the day awaits, followed by some university prep before heading to work or class at 8am. At 5pm, I’m doing it all again, another training session till 9pm. Taking a shower, eating, maybe cooling down for some time and back to bed – reenergizing for the next day. You might ask how do I it, day in and day out? Well – I do it because I enjoy it and because I’ve found simple ways to keep me on track.

1. Surround yourself with the right people

A team on a field lifts one of the members out of excitement
Being surrounded by supporting people makes you feel unstoppable. ©2017 Werner Meschede

This is not a secret:

These people are key influencers in your life. They are the basis for a positive mindset, they respect your situation and the challenges that you are facing and they encourage you wherever you need it, even if they don’t share the full range of your passion. Most of my closest friends have never been particularly interested in sports but still they cheer for me at every single championship and they take their time to enjoy the limited amount of time I have for them.

2. Make space for the small things

With a really busy timetable I’ve learned the importance of enjoying the little things to keep my life balanced. Especially in times of hard work and no immediately visible success, a funny and creative comment on my social media accounts can give me as much joy as a new personal best on the track. Even though those two things are not comparable at all – in that moment they have the same effect: They cheer me up and give me a reason to be a little more positive.

3. Be a warrior not a worrier

An athlete after a hurdling race walking the tracks
Challenge yourself every day and you can overcome all your hurdles.

When people ask me why I jump hurdles I often answer: “I like the fact that you have ten hurdles, so that’s ten chances to be better than your opponent.” This mindset is something that I have tried to include into my daily life and my plans for the future in general. Challenges are the opportunity to leave your mark on history. When you are able to challenge yourself every single day you have the opportunity to be a winner every day. This doesn’t stop on the track; it goes to the office with me, to my circle of friends, to my life in general and it’s the way I approach every single day.

How do you win your day? I’d love to hear about your insights and simple fixes in the comments below.


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by Danny Lopez 14.12.2017
I win my day by finding balance... Surrounding myself with good people and sharing experiences.

Great job!
by Florian Lickteig Danny Lopez 15.12.2017
Hey Danny,

Thanks for your insight. I guess the old saying is true - sharing is caring.


by Anoop Vashisth 29.05.2018
For me my day starts with enjoying the nature for atleast 5-10 minutes daily, do meditation for 5-10 minutes.

I enjoy good music, may be a page of reading from my favourtie book.

Do not touch the smartphone, for atleast 2 hrs after waking up.
by Brand Innovation 10.07.2018
Hi, The sports spirit you discuss here is really admirable . especially the thoughts about made the days successful and happier with the energetic activities is perfect.
by Dagmar 02.09.2021
You blog is great and inspiring!

How I win my day...
I workout everyday for approx. 30 minutes. (1 day rest per week).
I divide my day in time slots and try to focus on everything I do - I dont do two things at the same time... as I really think everything what I do deserve my full attention.

I try to eat healthy, enjoy my environment and the people around me.

I am curious to learn new things an meet new inspiring people.