You won’t be surprised when I tell you I love going on active holidays, will you? What else would you expect from someone who is passionate about sports in his business life? But don’t be afraid. I can fully sympathize if you want to use your holidays to get some rest, sleep, enjoy the beach and visit nice restaurants in the evening. I do the same. But I try to keep it balanced with getting active, doing some sports and staying fit even when I’m away from my daily routine. After all, the day still has 24 hours. And how often have you told yourself that you don’t have time to do more sports because of all your business appointments?

Make mine a mountain retreat

So now is the time: My prime holiday destination are the Italian Alps because they offer the perfect combination of a beautiful landscape, sunny weather, tasty food and plenty of choices for outdoor activities. Getting an early start and hiking to a mountain top may be physically exhausting but it really helps me to – literally – pump fresh air into my brain.

Again, I’m not talking about going to extremes here. After all, it’s holidays and not a competition. I usually meet like-minded people on the way that are nice to talk to when you reach a cozy mountain hut.

cyclist selfie mountain top road active holidays to unwind
I like to get on my bike early on vacation and explore my destination. This boosts my energy levels for the rest of the day.

Add a new sport to your holiday booking

So while I also love to practice my favorite sports such as tennis and biking during my vacation I enjoy trying out new things such as climbing or rafting.

Don’t remove pool time completely

And yes, in the afternoon I go to the pool, get some rest and read a book just like everybody else. But I enjoy it much more because I know that I have improved my fitness, overall health and mental strength already. Talking about books, of course it’s absolutely fine to read business books and we have actually published our GamePlan A summer reading favorites. But my recommendation would be again to try to keep the balance. While I like to read business books I also enjoy using my downtime to read novels or poetry.

pool with mountain view active holidays relaxing unwinding
My reward awaits - The pool is an important part of most people’s holiday just don’t forget a good book!

So don’t waste your hard-earned vacation time. Make sure your holiday this summer is active. You’ll improve your health, meet new people and widen your sporting circle, ensuring you return to work more energized than ever before.

I guarantee you that your body, your mind and your employer will thank you for that.

So what are your plans for this summer?


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by Silvia Raccagni 01.08.2017
Hi Jan, great post! Although, knowing you, I am sure you don't forget your competitive spirit when on holidays and you get on top of the mountain before everyone else ;)